Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Friday is the big day that we finally move! I couldn't be happier. Even through the chaos of moving, I'm still counting down the days. I have been so ornery the past couple weeks. My poor husband and children will be the first to attest to this. I hate the process of moving. I can't wait to be moved and settled in. I wish I could afford to pay someone to pack us up and move us. ;)
We will be 'homeless' for about a week. Thank goodness for wonderful family members that are more than willing to let us crash with them. We were supposed to be in our home May 3rd, but the wonderful rain put us behind schedule. It is set for May 6th now, so hopefully the sun will shine some more and will allow them to finish our home. It's supposed to snow on Friday, so we'll see.
We went to see the house this evening. Mady ran all over screaming in excitement. The other 2 kids followed in her excited footsteps and started screaming in excitement along with her. Ben and I couldn't help it, so we played along and started screaming along with the kids in excitement. Mady was amazed and excited about the littlest things. For one, she was ecstatic that they had the top of the stair railing put in. She was amazed at how beautiful it looked. She was excited about the fireplace, too. 
This apartment that we are in now is not even close to being packed up and deep cleaned. We started packing a couple weeks ago. We just did a little each day. Now it's last minute, and time is pressing. It is going to be a hectic couple of days, but oh so worth it. Lots of family will be here to help, thank goodness.
It will be nice when we are all moved and settled in our new home. I can't wait for Summer! I don't think I've said that since I was a kid. I hate the HOT HOT heat. This past winter has burnt me out though. I've had enough of winter to last me a life-time. Bring on the heat! (just not tooooo hot) ;)


Rachel said...

Good luck with your move.

Jamie McQuivey said...

Thanks :)

kate said...

Let's see some inside pics of the house, I want a tour!
For some reason I am feeling the same this year about the winter... I am ready for a little heat... tea and muffins in the morning has been nice but I am excited to wake up and have to put shorts on... I am cursing myself aren't i? :)

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