Sunday, February 10, 2013

Holding my family a little tighter tonight!

Tonight my heart is aching for 4 little children that just lost their mother and father early this morning. My heart aches for all the other family members and friends that are suffering from this great loss, too. Shaniel Donaldson's (Matt's cousin) life was taken by her husband, Scott Donaldson. When I first heard, I was in shock. I couldn't believe it. I don't have many memories with Scott and Shaniel, but I have a few. One memory sticks out to me: when I had first moved to Price, Shaniel invited me over to her place to hang out and watch movies. She made pancakes for dinner, then we headed to blockbuster to rent a movie. We rented The Notebook. I cried like a baby while watching that movie. I think Shaniel fell asleep, haha. :) She was always so busy being a wife, mom, and going to school. I had a great night with her, and I'm thankful for her friendship. She always welcomed me into her home, and was so sweet to my children and I. I will forever be thankful to her for her reaching out to be my friend.

Today has been a very sad day. I have shed some tears. But more than anything, I have held my children and husband a little tighter. Life is so unexpected, and way too short. I realize that I need to make many changes in my life. I am learning the power of forgiveness, but it hasn't come easy. It has been a long process, but I am seeing the blessings and power of it. 


Myriam took her first step tonight!! Ben was working with her to get her to stand up alone without the support of furniture, and she took a step toward him. It was so cute. I'm so thankful both Ben and I got to see it. My family is my greatest blessing. I'm so thankful for them. I am so thankful for the Gospel, and for a loving Father and Brother in Heaven. I hear that life is as short as a blink of an eye. I was telling Ben tonight that a blink of an eye seems like forever. I know that one day all the hurt and pain in the world will be gone. There will be no sadness, hatred, and evil in this world. Until that day comes, we must press forward and continually remind ourselves that God will never abandon us. He is real, and He loves us all very much.

Here are some photos of my blessings :)

The other day I was trying to make a shopping list and pay bills. Myriam wasn't too happy about that. She was sitting in her high chair right beside me at the kitchen table eating her cheerios. She started fussing and wanted me to hold her. So, I got a brilliant idea to move her high chair to face the window so she could look outside while she ate. She loved it...... for about 2 minutes haha.

Marshall gave Courtney his old pajama pants tonight. She excitedly put them on, and quickly found this shirt to wear with it. Stylish! I love it! I love Myriam's cute little face behind Courtney peeking at the camera!

Marshall wrote this letter to me when he was in 2nd Grade. "Dear Mom, Thank you for making my bed. You are good at cleaning. Thank you for cleaning the house. You are the best egg maker in the holl (whole) world. You take very very good care of me. You give me lots of good food. You are very good at taking care of me. Thank you for the scooter. Love, Marshall. You are the best Mom". He is so sweet!

This is a story Madison wrote in her 1st grade class..... "Madison White 3 (not sure what the 3 is for). Issac was a troll. He loved to slurp snot. When he would see a dog with droll (drool), he would want to slurp it! 3". Haha, she is so funny!
 My husband and children are so sweet! Ben takes great care of the children and I, and puts our needs above his. He truly is my best friend. I tell him everything, and I'm thankful that I can confide in him, and trust him. I am thankful for the advice he gives me. He is always rooting for me, and helps me become a better person every single day. I look forward to our daily conversations. The kids do silly things that make me laugh and smile every single day. I am very blessed to be able to share my life with them.


Ashley said...

I'm so sorry for the loss! :'(
Cute pix and everything else!!! You are a great person!!! Life really is short, we must count our blessings and make our blessings count! :)

Anonymous said...

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