Friday, February 1, 2013

Is it summer? Courtney seems to think so!

When Courtney got home from preschool she did her chores. Once she loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen sink, she decided to fill the sink full of water and soak her feet. She soaked her pants in the process of soaking her feet. The next thing I saw was her dressed in her old tumbling outfit, and eating a baggy full of cheerios. Summer attire is what she prefers. At night Mady and Courtney take off their pajamas a good portion of the time and sleep in their underwear. I dont get it. They are silly. Luckily I keep my house warm.
Today is Friday and that means pizza night. I love it. Ben makes a mean pizza. Later this evening I am hoping to go to the temple with Ben. There is nothing that feels better than doing the Lord's work.
TGIF! We have some fun plans in store for this weekend. We hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!

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