Monday, October 31, 2011

Part 3: The finale! You don't want to miss this!

The intense stories straight from my girls comes to an end tonight. If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, scroll down and read them if you wanna. Trust me, it's so worth it. Unless you are totally opposed to smiling and laughing, then don't. You won't be able to resist smiling and laughing.
Don't worry, there will be more stories in the future from all my kids. They have amazing imaginations. Enjoy part 3 of their stories below. I know, so sad it's the last part of the series.

"Once upon a time there was me. I was an angel. I said mom I want to be an angel and she said yes you can and so Jesus made me an angel. I really wanted to be a colorful angel but Jesus made me to be a red angel and so Mom took pictures of me with a red angel with sparkles on me and so I put makeup on and everything on me and so I ate some cake and I did everything. So then I went to do everything I wanted because I was an angel and I flew wherever I wanted. And so I saw the beautiful sun and it was nighttime so I had to go home. So I saw a beautiful star and I hurt my foot so my toe got broken. So my Mom woke up and heard this yelling and Mom said who is that yelling Madison and Courtney. So Courtney said Madison has a broken foot. So she took me to the hospital hurrying and the hospital said um I'm trying to make the toe get back on. So the toe won't so probably it will never come back on and I became dead because they didn't hurry and put my toe back on and they were trying to hurry so I couldn't be dead. When it was the day for us to get pictures I wasn't at the pictures because I was dead. And so I was not dead anymore and I was so sad because I missded my Mother and my family and my friends and cousins and uncles and aunts and the whole people in the town and Jesus and everybody because I wasn't there. So a person found me and it wasn't my Mother, it was somebody I didn't know. So she stole me and she putded a movie in for me and so I said (in a whiny loud voice) I want my Mommy, I want my Mommy, I want my Mommy, I want my Mommy!! And she said no u don't because I have toys here with you. I want my Mommy stiiiilllll. And i really wanted to have my Mommy but she didn't know if I never came back alive but I did. But she came and looked in the whole houses and I wasn't there. And she forgot to look in the cave house and so she looked in and she said (in a loud aggressive voice) give me my Daughter!! Give me my Daughter now!! And she said no. I stole her because I thought she was cute. I want my Mommy so let me go. I will wrap my hands out of my skin so you can not hold me anymore and I'll get my Mommy so you will not hold me so and then I got my Mommy and she said no and so then we went back home and my Mom said I missed you and I love you. So then she really did. So she always missded me when I was there so then she said guess what. I have a treat for you because you died and the end."

"Once upon a time there was a beautiful angel. And then there was a bad guy that was trying to steal me. And then they wanted me so much. A bad guy stole me in jail. He wouldn't let me out. I missded my Momma so much and then I got out of jail. I got a key and then I opened and then I didn't know I was in jail and then I wanted you (you=momma). And then I wanted you so much and then you were so beautiful. And then my Momma gave me a sparkly bracelet. Then she gave me a sparkly bracelet that was pink just like Mady's. And then we go to take pictures just like that (as she points to her and her siblings picture on my computer). And I had a blue skirt on (referring to the skirt she was wearing in the picture on the computer). And I wanted to do something. I wanted to pick a lot of leaves that were at the pictures. And then it was bed time. Jesus made a house for us and then I haded (had) to make sticks with bed (bed with sticks) and then I didn't know they hurted us. I didn't know my toe was broken. Mady said my toe was broken. And then it was my birthday and then.... HEEEEYYYY, my friends didn't play with me ever again. Well we went to Shyanne's house and then she said I would (be) nice to you and then I'll play with you and then Dakota was playing with me. Then Momma put makeup on me. She bringded her makeup. Her red lipstick and then she bringded her computer and then her phone then her charger, too. Then I wanted you. (you=Momma). Bad guys stole me. I always wanted my Momma. The bad guy put me in jail and then I cried in jail and that's why I wanted my Momma so much and then I was thirsty and went back home. Then I got a key then it opened. I trieded (tried) to get out of the place and then I went back home. I knowded the way back home. I got my car. My pink car. And then I wanted a computer a PINK PINK computer that was sparkly. I had songs on it and games on it and turn ups (volume) on it. And then I goed (went) back home and then I boughtded (bought) me an ipod. Then I had a lots and lots and lots of games on it. I had race car and dress up and uh tub tub and then (she clap clap claps her hands). And then I swimmded in a river and a shark ate me and then I went in his stomach. Then I missded my Momma. Then I died (clap clap clap) and then I wanted to come back home. And then whatever games I wanted on my ipod then I wanted the I had a phone too. It had games on it. Lots of games. That story and then I wanted to do something as a Momma and then I wanted my Momma but I can't cause I was swimming in the water and a shark ate me. And then I had a computer about that picture. This kind of shark ate me (as she pointed to a picture of pacman on the computer). And then I got back home cause he spitted me out and then I swimmed back home (as she shows me how she swam with her arms). The end."

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope it was an amazing one for you all. We had a ton of fun! My Halloween post is coming soon, so stay tuned.
Last, but not least, I think I have been feeling my beautiful baby girl moving around in this growing belly of mine! The kids and Ben love playing with my belly. She has already gotten so many kisses and she's not even born yet! Fun times! :)
Off to sleep I go. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Part 2: The adventure continues!

Here is part 2 of my girls stories. If you missed the first section of their stories, the post is just below, titled Part 1. But I'm sure you firgured that one out. ;) They are so funny and cute cute cute!

"Once upon a time there was a Mommy and Me and Bennie and Courtney and all of our family. We wanted each other to be with our family so we did and we wanted each other to be all with each other so we did. So then we really wanted to be with each other so we did. So much. So much. So so much. So that's the Christ and God, and we love Christ and Heavenly Father and Jesus cause Jesus is so good. And so there was a big bullet coming before us so we runned after it and so we runned faster and even faster cause the bullet was going faster and faster so we had to run faster and faster and faster. The end."

"Once upon a time we were saying a prayer when it was bedtime. We were so hungry. We lived outside and we had to live in the dirt and eat sticks and everything that was outside and we made houses with sticks and we had to make a bed with sticks and it hurted us and we said mom we are hungry, when will it be morning and we don't like this food, and Mom we have no clothes we don't have no money we have nothing we live out in the dirt and then Jesus made a house for us and in the morning we were surprised and Mommy was so scared to go in it but she did. Us (we) said lets go in it. And then she said it's very fine to go in it. The end."

"Once upon a time theres a bad bad strangers that was trying to take an angel away. The bad guy took her in jail. The end."

"Once upon a time there was angel a beautiful angel. (Courtney whispers to me, "There's no bad guys in it I promise." Then continues on with her story) Then the angels fly back home. And then they likeded there other angels that were their family. The end."

"Once upon a time there was a beautiful butterfly that I saw outside. It was a beautiful day outside. Then Momma go to the hospital that's why her arm broke off. Then a bad guy ate her arm off all the way. And then the end."

"Once upon a time I was sure if I could go outside but momma put me in time out while it was my birthday today. And so I couldn't eat the um football cake and I wanted it because that was my favorite thing to do. And when I got outside.... I mean when I got out of time out, Mommy putded some makeup on me for my party before everyone came to my party. And we were playing with no people wanted to play with me. Only the people of my cousins wanted to play with Courtney and Marshall. So, the boys playded with Marshall, my cousins played with Courtney. It was no fair so I told Mommy and she said I'm sorry and she said I'm sorry go ask a person if you can play with somebody, and I asked and nobody answered, and I asked again and people said no i don't wanna play, and I said I'm being nice. Now we were eating marshmallows after the party and when it was bedtime we said a prayer to Heavenly Father, thank u for this day we love each other Jesus Christ Amen. And we went right to bed and closed our eyes and it was morning and we packded stuff up for our camping. We were going camping. We packed striped clothes and star clothes and colorful clothes and cake clothes and we packed up the same pants and the same shirt and the same leggins and the same shoes and so we packed up food cups plates everything. A little garbage can and we packed up a TV, we packed up my toys, we packed up everything. We packed up my Mommy's computer and so we wanted to always be with each other and we did. And I said Mom don't u love me? And Mom said yes I do love you forever. And so she did. The end."

Previews for the finale, coming soon:
*I really wanted to be a colorful angel but Jesus made me to be a red angel and so Mom took pictures of me with a red angel with sparkles on me and so I put makeup on and everything on me and so I ate some cake and I did everything.
*So my Mom woke up and heard this yelling and Mom said who is that yelling Madison and Courtney. So Courtney said Madison has a broken foot.
*I knowded the way back home. I got my car. My pink car. And then I wanted a computer a PINK PINK computer that was sparkly. I had songs on it and games on it and turn ups (volume) on it. And then I goed (went) back home and then I boughtded (bought) me an ipod.
*And then I swimmded in a river and a shark ate me and then I went in his stomach.
Trust me, they are stories you won't want to miss. :) Stay tuned!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Part1: Move over Twilight! The next best seller! Compliments of 3 & 5 year old girls. Plus my little helpers.

Today I was reading to my girls a book that I have been writting. Marshall was still at school. When I was finished, Madison asked me to read more more more. I told her that I hadn't written anymore yet. She said write more now Mommy. Pllllease!
The idea came about to have the girls tell a story and I would type it down. They were thrilled about this and soon the page filled up quickly with a bunch of short stories from the girlsies.
I laughed and smiled my way through them. It was a memory for me that will never be forgotten. The excitement in their voices and the smiles on their faces were priceless. There are too many stories to put all at once, so I'll be posting them in sections in the order they were told. I will label them as Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. It will be in 3 different posts, so stay tuned! I promise, you don't want to miss them.
Here is an insight to a 3 and 5 year old little girls imaginations. Enjoy the adventure. Pinkie promises, it's Fuuu-uuuuu-uuuuunnnn!

"Once upon a time there was a stranger with me and Mommy and all the family and the stranger scared us and Mommy wanted to have a new born baby that was Marshall. And I was the oldest. And Mommy loveded all of us so much. And de end."
"Again!!... Again!!"
"Once upon a time, I loveded Mommy and I was just a baby and Mommy took care of me when I was sick every day and she loveded me. And she loveded me so so much. And she really wanted to have me and so Jesus said yes. Jesus Christ. and that's the end."
"Once upon a time there was a beautiful angel that I saw outside and then we loved each other. When I was a baby momma loveded me so much. When I was sick Momma always took care of me. The end."

Previews for their next set of stories. Coming soon:
"And so there was a big bullet coming before us so we runned after it and......"
"We lived outside and we had to live in the dirt and eat sticks and everything that was outside......"
"Theres a bad bad strangers that was trying to take an angel away..........."
 "So she took me to the hospital hurrying and the hospital said um im trying to make the toe get back on............"

Then they wanted to type their own stories.......................

Marshall has been helping out SO SO much lately. He has been such a big helper. He is usually good about keeping his stuff clean and picked up. This wasn't the case when he was 5! It was complete opposite! He came to me tonight and said, "Mommy, I'm so sorry for how I treated things when I was 5. I ruined a lot of things and I'm sorry." I said, "Buddy, it's okay. You live and you learn." He said, "Mommy, it makes me sad. It makes me cry." And he really did have tears in his eyes. He is such a sweet sweet boy. He has been cleaning the whole house lately. Seriously. When some of these items need cleaning, he cleans the living room, vacuums, sweeps, mops, wipes down the counters and the table, folds laundry, etc. He does this all without being asked to do any of it.
The girls even loaded the dishwasher! They were so excited to be SO BIG! House cleaning has been a struggle lately. I have been sick lately. Not just preggers sick, (Yes, I am still as sick as I was from the start) but I had a cold earlier. So not fun. I was put on light duty, which I am now free and clear from. Can I get a Woot woot!! And Ben has been working extra days so we can save up for Christmas. Ben cooks and cleans and helps with kids, but with our schedule lately, it has been hard to keep up.
Anyway, I tell my kids I appreciate their help all the time.
Marshall has been doing so much.................
so tonight as he snoozes away............................
I put a little gratitude sticky note on his dresser drawer so he can see it first thing when he wakes up.

Sleeping while you're pregnant is like sleeping while you're laying on a cactus. It just doesn't work out so well. Wish me luck on my journey to sleep tonight.
Tomorrow is going to be a long full day and I can't wait for the adventure that we have planned.
A little hint: We'll be spending a lot of the day in the kitchen tomorrow.
Wanna hear the song that I dedicated to my kids? Stay tuned! You'll love it! I sure do! Being a Mommy is the best thing ever! It rocks my world!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lifes Lessons

Me and my baby Courtney. This picture was taken a couple of years ago. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE kissing my kids soft, cute, little rosy cheeks.

Think back to when you were a child. Can you envision the way things were? Can you feel the way you felt? Can you remember how it felt on Christmas Eve when you tried to fall asleep but every sound thrilled you because of the thought that Santa just might be there that very moment? Remember when it snowed and it was a marvelous thing and all you wanted to do was go out and play in it? Now when the snow falls, it's a burden because we have to drive in it, or it's simply too cold. Remember when life seemed perfect? When the biggest worry was that when bedtime drew nearer that meant the end to all the fun and playing? Remember dreaming as a little girl of becoming a wife and a mother? Remember carrying your baby dolls around cradling them, rocking them, singing to them, and pretending they were your very own child? I now get to see my little girls doing this. It is absolutely blissful for me to watch and listen as they enjoy their childhood just as a little child should. Remember how easy and perfect this dream of adulthood all seemed and you knew, you just knew, that this is how the future would be? But life never turns out how you expect. For me I never imagined I'd ever go through a divorce, let alone 2 of them. Divorce is one of the most painful things in life. I worried what a failure I was. I worried what others must think of me. I worried about what I thought of myself. There were times, and sometimes still are times, that I look in the mirror at myself and just cry. As the tears stream I would say aloud how much I hate myself. Even though I don't hate myself, the pain seemed too much to bear, to breath, to move, to go forward, to live. I never envisioned I would have to ever feel pain to a bigger extent than the pain from stubbing my toe or breaking a bone. To me, my life would be absolutely picture perfect. There would be no worries, no pain, just pure blissful happiness. Then the years went by. I grew up. I learned the hard way. I have felt pain, as all of us have, more than any pain of bones being broken. Even all of my bones in my body being broke seemed like a better pain than the pain I was feeling inside at my lowest moments. I lived and I learned. I felt pain and I cried. I wept and felt like there was nothing left of me. And then, through the grace of God, I was shown that life isn't going to be perfect. Ever. It was never meant to be. And that is simply okay. That we all have to experience our trials. That we all make mistakes that we can never undo. And that we all have worries. And that I am NOT a failure. I awoke to a better life than I had ever envisioned. I am blessed. Even through the midst of our pain and misery, we are still blessed. We just choose not to see it sometimes, because it is simply hardest to see it at those times, but it is most important to see them at those times. I struggle. I will always struggle. I still cry. And that is simply okay. I still grieve for the loss of things I have lost. I live through the pain. I go straight through it, not around it. And that is simply the only way to grow and overcome. We are all clueless in our own little ways and certain experiences we go through helps us understand just a little bit more. I am blessed to have a wonderful Husband who treats me with respect and cherishes me. I can tell him every thought that goes through my mind. He is not too proud to tell me when I'm wrong. He has been through a lot and teaches me the true meaning of life and has taught me that it's okay to grieve over what has happened in my past. It doesn't matter how long it takes me to stop crying; whether it be one more day or a lifetime. It is simply okay, because I am human and life is about growing and that is simply what I am doing. I don't put on a show and pretend that I'm okay all the time and that life is perfect, because life is far from perfect. But, life is so so beautiful! Far more beautiful then I could have ever envisioned as a clueless little girl. I am blessed to have 3 amazing little children and 1 more amazing child on the way. Motherhood has blessed my life in more ways than I can express. It has taught me so much. We are all healthy. We all have each other. We have a great life. We have the knowledge of the true restored Gospel. We know that families can be together forever. Even after death. For eternity. These are just a few of my greatest blessings that keep me going each and every day. I'm not sure where this post came from. A thought came to my mind and I had an inspiration to just type. The words seem to keep coming. If this helps even one soul then I'm happy. Life is hard, but life is great. Smile. Always remember to smile.
After the kids went to bed, Ben made him and I some hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. One of the kids needed us. Ben made his way upstairs. As Ben was upstairs I sprinkled some pumpkin spice on the whipped cream to make it look pretty. I'm all about things looking cute and pretty. I then put a sticky note on his cup. It said, "I love you! Thanks for the hot chocolate!" Now I am typing, sipping my hot chocolate and watching the fire in the fireplace. I am right where I want to be. My kids are fast asleep, warm in their beds. My Husband is snuggled in the blankets of our bed waiting for me to come snuggle up to him. And I am downstairs glorifying in my magnificent blessings from God that are right upstairs. Right in kissing and snuggling distance.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I dislike trying to come up with titles to my blog posts, don't you?

It has been much easier to blog since I've been put on "light duty". I have been really wanting to keep up on my blogging because sadly enough this is my journal. I do this blog mainly for my kids. I hope that one day they will look at this blog and reflect back on the memories from their childhood. I loved my childhood, and I just want to make the best life possible for my kids so that they can look back and remember a wonderful childhood as well. So kids, if you are reading this years from now, I just want to say that Mommy loves you more than anything... more than words could ever express. But you already know that because I tell you that every day and I will never ever ever stop telling you that. No words can express the love that a Mother has for her Child. :)
The girls are with their Dad for Fall break. Marshall decided to stay home with me this time. We had a movie night tonight with just him and I. We rented Disney's Spooky Buddies and made some fresh popped popcorn and drank some good ol' orange soda. It was a super cute movie. We had a good time. It was nice just relaxing and cuddling with my boy. He's the best boy I know! Now he is crashed in my bed, right next to me as I type, snoring away.... .literally snoring! haha :)
Last night I brought home the family meal deal from Panda Express. My kids LOVE that place. They love the orange chicken and chow mein. Mady saw a girl eating with chop sticks once and has wanted to try it ever since. So, I brought home some chop sticks for the kids to eat their food with. They thought it was so much fun. Tonight for dinner was McDonalds for Marshall and KFC for Ben and I. I have totally been craving the KFC mashed potato bowl this pregnancy. If you haven't tried it, I totally recommend it. We have done way to much eating out the past couple of days. Looks like we'll be eating at home for the next couple of weeks to get our "healthier" eating back in order.
So, since the girls are gone until Sunday, I made a list of things for me to do in order to catch up around the house. I know I'm on light duty, so I paced myself to do only a little at a time. Welllllll...... I have done a load of dishes. That's about it. Oh well, maybe one day I'll be caught up, but I'm thinking that won't be for a very very long time. So, in the meantime, my house still looks similar to this..............

Seriously sexy, right? And this doesn't even do the rest of the mess around here its justice. This is just a sneak peak.

I know that this pic is totally not capturing the mess. However, I just had to throw this one in here because Courty LOVES to take down my decoration blocks from the fireplace and play "blocks" and build things with them. I saw one of my decoration blocks in her room the other day. Atleast she has fun, and that is far more important than any decoration just sitting and looking pretty. Don't you love how the headband is put around the one block like it's an actual head? The things kids think of. I love it! :)

Again, this is not much laundry. What you don't see is the couch piled with clean laundry waiting to be folded and put away. It's all pushed aside to the floor now. I wonder how many times they'll be pushed to the floor before they finally get folded and put away. Laundry is my never ending battle. I dislike it a LOT! I mean a way way LOT!
Any takers on housekeepers? I pay really well! You'll get paid with yummy homemade meals. You may have a lot of  IOU's, but the wait will be so worth it..... maybe! ;)

And here is a picture of Marsh snoozing away for tonight. I couldn't help but take this pic. Notice his McDonald's kids meal bucket upside down next to him. He decorated its face with the stickers it came with. He did an awesome job. He  has taken over my full body pillow. It is THAT comfy. Pinkie promise. It was well worth the purchase. Looks like he'll get to enjoy its comfiness tonight. 
I'm off to bed. It's wayyy past my bed time. I've done my fair share of puking for tonight, (the popcorn and soda had to go somewhere, and my lil peanut obviously didn't think it should be down there with her), so hopefully I can get some decent rest now. Night!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Little joys in life

This evening I bought a pumpkin pie milk shake (suggested by my Hub) and drove a little way up the canyon while waiting for Mady's dance class to get over. Breathtaking views is what I saw. God is amazing! He gives us so many beautiful things to surround us because he simply loves us that much and we are simply that important to him. Doesn't the thought of that just take your breath away and give you goosebumps? Doesn't it make you feel so good?
Last night was a rough night. I felt sick from evening until this morning. I had a hard time falling asleep, so I brought Courty in bed with me. She is my little snuggly girl. I would have brought the other 2 kids to sleep with me, but the other 2 kids are silly sleepers. They are all over the bed sleepers. Mady usually ends up upside down with her feet in my face and Marshall usually ends up sideways with his feet in my stomach. Oh, and they talk in their sleep, too! :) However, all 3 of them end up in bed with me quite a bit from them staggering into my bed in the middle of the night. The girls do this more times than Marshall does, but I'll take what I can get! Courty is the calm sleeper out of the bunch when she sleeps next to me....... Just having Courty sleeping next to me last night all cuddled up to me helped me fall asleep. When I fell asleep I awoke every hour like clockwork. Needless to say, today has been a very exhausting day. However, even through the yawns and rubbing my eyes, it has been an amazing day. I am blessed. We all are blessed. We are children of Heavenly Father. I can't think of any greater blessing than that.
I was having a rough time about a week ago. I was letting the adversary put things in my mind that I know are not true. He can be very powerful if we let him be. He only has as much power as we allow. I was questioning things that I have known to be true since before I was born. Even through the negative thoughts, I knew the truth deep down. When I chose to push these awful thoughts away, I felt much better.

OOOOHHHH, I want to lay on my stomach so darn bad! 5 more months and I am so stomach laying.

P.S. I think I just felt my little butterfly moving in my stomach! Ahhhh, the precious moments of being a Mommy!

The End! I'll be back soon! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

A little of this, a little of that

Aren't those a couple of studly boys!

Bye Boys!
I'm so glad that Marshall and Grandpa Kouns are such great buds. They always have been. These photos were taken last summer. My Dad called and asked if he could come get "the boy" so that Marshall could go for a motorcycle ride and have a sleepover at Gma's and Gpa's house since my Dad had the next 2 days off. Of course Marshall jumped at this opportunity. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family. I especially have amazing parents.

2 days ago I woke up with a scratchy throat. That whole day I spent sneezing. Now, the clogged up ears have gone into effect. I sounds like I'm plugging my nose when I talk. It's quite amusing.
Last night we went to my parents for good ol' Sunday dinner. It was oh so good and it was nice to get a night off from cooking.... well, it was nice for Ben to get a night off from cooking since he's been the main dinner cooker around here lately. I usually cook at least 1 meal a week! :) Since I've been sick with this pregnancy, and now that I've been put on light duty, I think 1 meal a week is pretty good. Wouldn't you agree?
Ben took all 3 kids on the weekly shopping trip this past Saturday. Can you believe that Walmart was out of beef roast? It was a bummer for me. I've been craving roast dipped in A1 steak sauce again. That has to be one of my favorite meals. If you have not tried roast dipped in A1, you have not lived. You may as well have been living in a cave your whole life. You need to run out and try it asap. No jokes. I could seriously drink A1. I am odd. I'll admit!
Today has been a very lazy day for me of course full of sneezes and blowing my nose. Campbells, mmm mmmm good! Can you hear the campbell's commercial now? I can! One of my faves is the one with the snow man. I think I may have some delish Campbell's chicken noodle soup for dinn. It always has a way of making my sickness seem a little more bearable! :)
I'm missing the cold weather. I am wanting the storms and the snow. I just don't want us to drive in it.
I ran up to the Childrens Place a couple of weeks ago and bought winter coats, hats, etc. to get ready for winter because it was just too cold for jackets at the time. Now it's been pretty warm. Warm enough to leave the jackets behind. So, the coats are put away for now. We used heat and ac all in one day last week. Utah weather is bipolar. But I still love my good ol' Utah.
Are you guys ready for Halloween? We are! I'm usually a procrastinator and all the costumes are picked through, but we got the kids costumes the first part of October. Ben and I just need to get stuff for our costumes. Exciting exciting!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Quite the scare!

The past little bit has been nerve wracking here. I woke up to use the restroom yesterday morning and had blood. It lasted off and on all day yesterday. I called the doctor and the doctor told me to take it easy and come in to his office the following day to check for the baby's heartbeat. He wasn't in his office yesterday.
Yesterday went pretty good for me. I handled my nerves pretty well, but when Ben and I laid, in bed and the kids were fast asleep, I couldn't stop crying. Thank goodness for my wonderful husband to comfort me. I was afraid that I might be miscarrying.
I went into the doctor's office today and he found the baby's heartbeat right away. What a relief! I have my ultrasound set for next month, so we'll know for sure if the bleeding was caused from anything inside or if it was just a weird thing that happened with no explanation.
As for now, doctor's orders are to take it easy for the next 2 weeks. I can't stand on my feet for long periods. I need to relax and rest.
I figured since I was out of my first trimester, I was out of the woods. So, I'll just hope and pray that everything continues to go great from here on out!
It sure gave me a reality check and made me realize all my many blessings. I know I'm blessed. I just don't take the time often enough to count my blessings and recognize them and thank the Lord for them.

Ben's making a banana cake for desert tonight. We have a bunch of bananas that need to be used. I have been craving!
Are you enjoying this cooled down weather? I sure am! And my gas and electric bill are, too!

Also, my son's 2nd grade class won the prize for the most participating 2nd grade class for red ribbon week. They got root beer floats today! All that convincing I had to do to convince my son to wear his shirt backwards, and to let me do his hair crazy, all paid off! ;)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sundance and more

The kids playing on the wet grass waiting to get in line for the ride.

I love that my kids are such close friends.

Playing chase.

I made sure the kids used the bathroom before we left the house. I made sure to ask them again if they needed to use the restroom at the restaurant where we ate dinner and at Mady's dance studio when we picked her up from dance class to head up. The girls used the bathroom a million times and I'm proud to say all 3 kids had dry pants when we got home. :)  My fear was them being on the ride and crying because they had to go potty.

The moon was breathtaking. We were up super duper high.

Ben, the kids, and I went to Sundance last night for the full moon lift ride. The kids basically had 2 outfits, a coat, a hat, snow boots, and a blanket on to keep them warm. Even with all those layers, they still got cold. It was freeeeezing! We all had a blast though. If you are scared of heights (like I am) I totally do NOT recommend this ride for you. I was afraid most of the time. I thought they would buckle us in, but nope, they just had a bar to go over the seat. The bar didn't even touch our laps. I spent the whole 45 min ride gripping the girls with my dear life and never allowing them to lean forward. Ben and Marshall were on the seat in front of the girls and I. I won't be going back with the kids until they are much older. Tonight is the last night for the ride, so if you wanna go, get up there tonight! Next year I'll just go with my honey and snuggle with him the whole time. :) However, we had fun and we all made it home safe and sound. We didn't get home until 10:15.... YIKES! Luckily the kids fell asleep at 9:30 on the ride home. They didn't want to wake up for school today. If Courtney didn't have tumbling this morning, I probably would have just taken them in late. I know, I should get slacker mom of the year award. ;)
If you have not woke up in the middle of the night to puke then you have not lived my friend. I'm telling you, it is awesome. Really though, it totally sucks. I'm still feeling sick almost every single day. I'm afraid I may have to go the whole spankin' 9 months feeling sick. But ya know what, it's completely worth it.
So, mine and Ben's 1 year anniversary is coming up in about a month and a half. Any ideas of where we should go for our anniversary? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to NYC. I've always wanted to go there, but that will have to wait. Our extra funds are being saved up to go towards Christmas right now. Maybe next year!
I put a roast in my crock pot this morning. The fragrance is making me hungry. Almost immediately after I seasoned that thing up and put the lid on the pot, I realized that I have plans up north from the time my son gets out of school until like 9 tonight. Oopsie. If someone knows where my brain ran off to, please return it to me safe and sound. P.S. Trust me, you don't want to steal it. Returning it to me is best. It is defective and doesn't work right! ;-p

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Surprise surprise, a snowy day, and my goodbye letter

3 posts in 1

We are having a GIRL!! :)
Our family will continue to be over-ruled by girls. Now that is kind of a scary thought because the boys are the more calm ones of our bunch. But hey, there will never be a dull day in our household. Weather it be girls crying over their boyfriends or friend drama, or ranting and raving because their hair isn't absolutely perfect, or because it's that time of the month...... when those days are long gone here, and the kids are grown and off starting their families, and the quiet entraps me, I will miss these 'never a dull day in our household' days. They will be lived and cherished.


We had our first snowfall of the season here. I love gloomy days like these. The past 2 days have been blissful for me. I think I'm ready for the 'cuddling on the couch in a big huge blanket with my kids drinking hot chocolate' days. Oh yes, I'm so ready. There is nothing better.
We are going to Sundance this Tuesday, so hopefully the weather will cooperate that day. Fingers crossed, prayers said!
I am loving having a garage. Especially with this cold weather. It is heavenly. This will be my first fall/winter season that I've ever been able to take advantage of the luxuries of having a garage. No more dusting the snow off the car in the morning. Could it get much better than that?
The fireplace has been keeping us toasty warm today. I think I'm in love!
Get your mug of hot chocolate ready. Are you ready? Mugs up..... Cheers!!.... to the next 6 months of snow! Welcome to good ol' Utah!

Dear Grandma,
I contemplated whether or not I should write you this letter. After much debating I decided to write it.
You may not be my Grandma legally, but you will always be my Grandma in my heart.
I didn't go see you at the hospital as you were passing. I wanted to, but when I asked someone if it was alright if I go see you, I was told that I wasn't wanted there and that I shouldn't go. I was told that I am no longer apart of that family, so there was no need to go. I was told that you didn't approve of my actions in the past and that you wouldn't want to see me. These words were hurtful, but out of respect, I stayed away. I don't really believe that you didn't want to see me. I know you have too much love in your heart for that. I just didn't want to cross my boundaries and cause problems.
I have had a strong inspiration for the past year to write you a letter. I wanted to thank you for your inspiration and guidance and ask for your advice and guidance. I never wrote you that letter because I was afraid. I was afraid that you might hate me. I was afraid that you didn't want to hear from me. Deep down I knew better though. I hope that one day we can meet in heaven and I can talk to you about the things I wanted to tell you in that letter.
I enjoyed that Summer that Matt, the kids, and I went to your house and planted flowers in your yard. That is a day that I will never forget.
I will always look up to you. You are an amazing lady. I will always strive to live my life as you lived yours. You have an amazing family with lots of love. I know you are so pleased.
I remember the first time I met you over 7 years ago. I sat in your living room with my little baby boy and Matt. I listened and laughed as Grandpa Bates told his jokes. Oh how I loved his jokes. I especially loved repeating his jokes to other people. I felt bad for the pain you were in. I believe you were having problems with your foot. I remember how sweet and kind you were to me and my son. You were always sweet and kind to me and my kids. You accepted my son as if he were your own blood. That means the world to me. It shows just what a wonderful lady you are.
My kids will miss you, I will miss you, and I know lots of other people will miss you. I love you, my kids love you, and we are blessed to have had you in our lives.
The world has lost a wonderful person and heaven has gained a wonderful person.
You will always be in my mind and heart.
Remember that note your wrote to Matt and I after we went through the temple? I do. I want you to know that I think about that letter often and that I will always cherish it.
I want you to know that the kids and I are truly happy. I have a lot of hurt and sadness to work through. Some of it was caused by self affliction and some was not. Either way, it doesn't matter. Every day seems brighter and the weight off my shoulders sheds more and more. I feel blessed to be where I am in my life now. It feels good to be truly happy.
I love you.
So goodbye for now, but not forever.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall pictures

My sister and her family

My sister asked me if I would take her family pictures. So, Sunday after conference, my family and my sister's family went up the canyon a little ways and got some cute pictures.
I just love the fall colors and the fall season!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kickin' off October!

To kick off October 1st, I made a sloppy joe jack-o-lantern pie for dinner. The kids thought it was a fun dinner.
This morning before conference, Ben and I made the kids spooky shaped pancakes and sausage for breakfast. The pancake shapes were a haunted house, bat, cat, and pumpkin.
PS, I made those Halloween decorations that are in the background at a relief society craft night. I'm super proud of myself ;)
Happy October!
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