Friday, October 28, 2011

Part1: Move over Twilight! The next best seller! Compliments of 3 & 5 year old girls. Plus my little helpers.

Today I was reading to my girls a book that I have been writting. Marshall was still at school. When I was finished, Madison asked me to read more more more. I told her that I hadn't written anymore yet. She said write more now Mommy. Pllllease!
The idea came about to have the girls tell a story and I would type it down. They were thrilled about this and soon the page filled up quickly with a bunch of short stories from the girlsies.
I laughed and smiled my way through them. It was a memory for me that will never be forgotten. The excitement in their voices and the smiles on their faces were priceless. There are too many stories to put all at once, so I'll be posting them in sections in the order they were told. I will label them as Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. It will be in 3 different posts, so stay tuned! I promise, you don't want to miss them.
Here is an insight to a 3 and 5 year old little girls imaginations. Enjoy the adventure. Pinkie promises, it's Fuuu-uuuuu-uuuuunnnn!

"Once upon a time there was a stranger with me and Mommy and all the family and the stranger scared us and Mommy wanted to have a new born baby that was Marshall. And I was the oldest. And Mommy loveded all of us so much. And de end."
"Again!!... Again!!"
"Once upon a time, I loveded Mommy and I was just a baby and Mommy took care of me when I was sick every day and she loveded me. And she loveded me so so much. And she really wanted to have me and so Jesus said yes. Jesus Christ. and that's the end."
"Once upon a time there was a beautiful angel that I saw outside and then we loved each other. When I was a baby momma loveded me so much. When I was sick Momma always took care of me. The end."

Previews for their next set of stories. Coming soon:
"And so there was a big bullet coming before us so we runned after it and......"
"We lived outside and we had to live in the dirt and eat sticks and everything that was outside......"
"Theres a bad bad strangers that was trying to take an angel away..........."
 "So she took me to the hospital hurrying and the hospital said um im trying to make the toe get back on............"

Then they wanted to type their own stories.......................

Marshall has been helping out SO SO much lately. He has been such a big helper. He is usually good about keeping his stuff clean and picked up. This wasn't the case when he was 5! It was complete opposite! He came to me tonight and said, "Mommy, I'm so sorry for how I treated things when I was 5. I ruined a lot of things and I'm sorry." I said, "Buddy, it's okay. You live and you learn." He said, "Mommy, it makes me sad. It makes me cry." And he really did have tears in his eyes. He is such a sweet sweet boy. He has been cleaning the whole house lately. Seriously. When some of these items need cleaning, he cleans the living room, vacuums, sweeps, mops, wipes down the counters and the table, folds laundry, etc. He does this all without being asked to do any of it.
The girls even loaded the dishwasher! They were so excited to be SO BIG! House cleaning has been a struggle lately. I have been sick lately. Not just preggers sick, (Yes, I am still as sick as I was from the start) but I had a cold earlier. So not fun. I was put on light duty, which I am now free and clear from. Can I get a Woot woot!! And Ben has been working extra days so we can save up for Christmas. Ben cooks and cleans and helps with kids, but with our schedule lately, it has been hard to keep up.
Anyway, I tell my kids I appreciate their help all the time.
Marshall has been doing so much.................
so tonight as he snoozes away............................
I put a little gratitude sticky note on his dresser drawer so he can see it first thing when he wakes up.

Sleeping while you're pregnant is like sleeping while you're laying on a cactus. It just doesn't work out so well. Wish me luck on my journey to sleep tonight.
Tomorrow is going to be a long full day and I can't wait for the adventure that we have planned.
A little hint: We'll be spending a lot of the day in the kitchen tomorrow.
Wanna hear the song that I dedicated to my kids? Stay tuned! You'll love it! I sure do! Being a Mommy is the best thing ever! It rocks my world!

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