Monday, October 31, 2011

Part 3: The finale! You don't want to miss this!

The intense stories straight from my girls comes to an end tonight. If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, scroll down and read them if you wanna. Trust me, it's so worth it. Unless you are totally opposed to smiling and laughing, then don't. You won't be able to resist smiling and laughing.
Don't worry, there will be more stories in the future from all my kids. They have amazing imaginations. Enjoy part 3 of their stories below. I know, so sad it's the last part of the series.

"Once upon a time there was me. I was an angel. I said mom I want to be an angel and she said yes you can and so Jesus made me an angel. I really wanted to be a colorful angel but Jesus made me to be a red angel and so Mom took pictures of me with a red angel with sparkles on me and so I put makeup on and everything on me and so I ate some cake and I did everything. So then I went to do everything I wanted because I was an angel and I flew wherever I wanted. And so I saw the beautiful sun and it was nighttime so I had to go home. So I saw a beautiful star and I hurt my foot so my toe got broken. So my Mom woke up and heard this yelling and Mom said who is that yelling Madison and Courtney. So Courtney said Madison has a broken foot. So she took me to the hospital hurrying and the hospital said um I'm trying to make the toe get back on. So the toe won't so probably it will never come back on and I became dead because they didn't hurry and put my toe back on and they were trying to hurry so I couldn't be dead. When it was the day for us to get pictures I wasn't at the pictures because I was dead. And so I was not dead anymore and I was so sad because I missded my Mother and my family and my friends and cousins and uncles and aunts and the whole people in the town and Jesus and everybody because I wasn't there. So a person found me and it wasn't my Mother, it was somebody I didn't know. So she stole me and she putded a movie in for me and so I said (in a whiny loud voice) I want my Mommy, I want my Mommy, I want my Mommy, I want my Mommy!! And she said no u don't because I have toys here with you. I want my Mommy stiiiilllll. And i really wanted to have my Mommy but she didn't know if I never came back alive but I did. But she came and looked in the whole houses and I wasn't there. And she forgot to look in the cave house and so she looked in and she said (in a loud aggressive voice) give me my Daughter!! Give me my Daughter now!! And she said no. I stole her because I thought she was cute. I want my Mommy so let me go. I will wrap my hands out of my skin so you can not hold me anymore and I'll get my Mommy so you will not hold me so and then I got my Mommy and she said no and so then we went back home and my Mom said I missed you and I love you. So then she really did. So she always missded me when I was there so then she said guess what. I have a treat for you because you died and the end."

"Once upon a time there was a beautiful angel. And then there was a bad guy that was trying to steal me. And then they wanted me so much. A bad guy stole me in jail. He wouldn't let me out. I missded my Momma so much and then I got out of jail. I got a key and then I opened and then I didn't know I was in jail and then I wanted you (you=momma). And then I wanted you so much and then you were so beautiful. And then my Momma gave me a sparkly bracelet. Then she gave me a sparkly bracelet that was pink just like Mady's. And then we go to take pictures just like that (as she points to her and her siblings picture on my computer). And I had a blue skirt on (referring to the skirt she was wearing in the picture on the computer). And I wanted to do something. I wanted to pick a lot of leaves that were at the pictures. And then it was bed time. Jesus made a house for us and then I haded (had) to make sticks with bed (bed with sticks) and then I didn't know they hurted us. I didn't know my toe was broken. Mady said my toe was broken. And then it was my birthday and then.... HEEEEYYYY, my friends didn't play with me ever again. Well we went to Shyanne's house and then she said I would (be) nice to you and then I'll play with you and then Dakota was playing with me. Then Momma put makeup on me. She bringded her makeup. Her red lipstick and then she bringded her computer and then her phone then her charger, too. Then I wanted you. (you=Momma). Bad guys stole me. I always wanted my Momma. The bad guy put me in jail and then I cried in jail and that's why I wanted my Momma so much and then I was thirsty and went back home. Then I got a key then it opened. I trieded (tried) to get out of the place and then I went back home. I knowded the way back home. I got my car. My pink car. And then I wanted a computer a PINK PINK computer that was sparkly. I had songs on it and games on it and turn ups (volume) on it. And then I goed (went) back home and then I boughtded (bought) me an ipod. Then I had a lots and lots and lots of games on it. I had race car and dress up and uh tub tub and then (she clap clap claps her hands). And then I swimmded in a river and a shark ate me and then I went in his stomach. Then I missded my Momma. Then I died (clap clap clap) and then I wanted to come back home. And then whatever games I wanted on my ipod then I wanted the I had a phone too. It had games on it. Lots of games. That story and then I wanted to do something as a Momma and then I wanted my Momma but I can't cause I was swimming in the water and a shark ate me. And then I had a computer about that picture. This kind of shark ate me (as she pointed to a picture of pacman on the computer). And then I got back home cause he spitted me out and then I swimmed back home (as she shows me how she swam with her arms). The end."

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope it was an amazing one for you all. We had a ton of fun! My Halloween post is coming soon, so stay tuned.
Last, but not least, I think I have been feeling my beautiful baby girl moving around in this growing belly of mine! The kids and Ben love playing with my belly. She has already gotten so many kisses and she's not even born yet! Fun times! :)
Off to sleep I go. 

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