Friday, October 21, 2011

I dislike trying to come up with titles to my blog posts, don't you?

It has been much easier to blog since I've been put on "light duty". I have been really wanting to keep up on my blogging because sadly enough this is my journal. I do this blog mainly for my kids. I hope that one day they will look at this blog and reflect back on the memories from their childhood. I loved my childhood, and I just want to make the best life possible for my kids so that they can look back and remember a wonderful childhood as well. So kids, if you are reading this years from now, I just want to say that Mommy loves you more than anything... more than words could ever express. But you already know that because I tell you that every day and I will never ever ever stop telling you that. No words can express the love that a Mother has for her Child. :)
The girls are with their Dad for Fall break. Marshall decided to stay home with me this time. We had a movie night tonight with just him and I. We rented Disney's Spooky Buddies and made some fresh popped popcorn and drank some good ol' orange soda. It was a super cute movie. We had a good time. It was nice just relaxing and cuddling with my boy. He's the best boy I know! Now he is crashed in my bed, right next to me as I type, snoring away.... .literally snoring! haha :)
Last night I brought home the family meal deal from Panda Express. My kids LOVE that place. They love the orange chicken and chow mein. Mady saw a girl eating with chop sticks once and has wanted to try it ever since. So, I brought home some chop sticks for the kids to eat their food with. They thought it was so much fun. Tonight for dinner was McDonalds for Marshall and KFC for Ben and I. I have totally been craving the KFC mashed potato bowl this pregnancy. If you haven't tried it, I totally recommend it. We have done way to much eating out the past couple of days. Looks like we'll be eating at home for the next couple of weeks to get our "healthier" eating back in order.
So, since the girls are gone until Sunday, I made a list of things for me to do in order to catch up around the house. I know I'm on light duty, so I paced myself to do only a little at a time. Welllllll...... I have done a load of dishes. That's about it. Oh well, maybe one day I'll be caught up, but I'm thinking that won't be for a very very long time. So, in the meantime, my house still looks similar to this..............

Seriously sexy, right? And this doesn't even do the rest of the mess around here its justice. This is just a sneak peak.

I know that this pic is totally not capturing the mess. However, I just had to throw this one in here because Courty LOVES to take down my decoration blocks from the fireplace and play "blocks" and build things with them. I saw one of my decoration blocks in her room the other day. Atleast she has fun, and that is far more important than any decoration just sitting and looking pretty. Don't you love how the headband is put around the one block like it's an actual head? The things kids think of. I love it! :)

Again, this is not much laundry. What you don't see is the couch piled with clean laundry waiting to be folded and put away. It's all pushed aside to the floor now. I wonder how many times they'll be pushed to the floor before they finally get folded and put away. Laundry is my never ending battle. I dislike it a LOT! I mean a way way LOT!
Any takers on housekeepers? I pay really well! You'll get paid with yummy homemade meals. You may have a lot of  IOU's, but the wait will be so worth it..... maybe! ;)

And here is a picture of Marsh snoozing away for tonight. I couldn't help but take this pic. Notice his McDonald's kids meal bucket upside down next to him. He decorated its face with the stickers it came with. He did an awesome job. He  has taken over my full body pillow. It is THAT comfy. Pinkie promise. It was well worth the purchase. Looks like he'll get to enjoy its comfiness tonight. 
I'm off to bed. It's wayyy past my bed time. I've done my fair share of puking for tonight, (the popcorn and soda had to go somewhere, and my lil peanut obviously didn't think it should be down there with her), so hopefully I can get some decent rest now. Night!


Rachael Cook said...

Jamie, I have been waiting till your 2 week mark, and it;s killing me. I hope your doing good and everything is wonderful. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Please let me know if i can do anything to help, and please take it easy and let that mess (if you can even call it that, haha)stay there, until you find out more about your precious baby. I hope and pray that everything is okay, and I am so dang excited for you. I love you so much.

Jamie said...

Awe, thanks Rach! You are seriously the best! I so appreciate you! I just barely got past my 2 week mark. Woo-hoo! I am so excited! The bleeding hasn't came back, but I'm about 19 weeks and I don't really feel her move. It's kids of nerve wracking. I'm sure she has been, but I just haven't been able to tell that that is what it is yet. I will sometimes feel something that feels like it could be her moving, but not 100%.
I hope you're doing good! I've been thinking about ya alot! Call me anytime! We need need need to get together!

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