Sunday, October 30, 2011

Part 2: The adventure continues!

Here is part 2 of my girls stories. If you missed the first section of their stories, the post is just below, titled Part 1. But I'm sure you firgured that one out. ;) They are so funny and cute cute cute!

"Once upon a time there was a Mommy and Me and Bennie and Courtney and all of our family. We wanted each other to be with our family so we did and we wanted each other to be all with each other so we did. So then we really wanted to be with each other so we did. So much. So much. So so much. So that's the Christ and God, and we love Christ and Heavenly Father and Jesus cause Jesus is so good. And so there was a big bullet coming before us so we runned after it and so we runned faster and even faster cause the bullet was going faster and faster so we had to run faster and faster and faster. The end."

"Once upon a time we were saying a prayer when it was bedtime. We were so hungry. We lived outside and we had to live in the dirt and eat sticks and everything that was outside and we made houses with sticks and we had to make a bed with sticks and it hurted us and we said mom we are hungry, when will it be morning and we don't like this food, and Mom we have no clothes we don't have no money we have nothing we live out in the dirt and then Jesus made a house for us and in the morning we were surprised and Mommy was so scared to go in it but she did. Us (we) said lets go in it. And then she said it's very fine to go in it. The end."

"Once upon a time theres a bad bad strangers that was trying to take an angel away. The bad guy took her in jail. The end."

"Once upon a time there was angel a beautiful angel. (Courtney whispers to me, "There's no bad guys in it I promise." Then continues on with her story) Then the angels fly back home. And then they likeded there other angels that were their family. The end."

"Once upon a time there was a beautiful butterfly that I saw outside. It was a beautiful day outside. Then Momma go to the hospital that's why her arm broke off. Then a bad guy ate her arm off all the way. And then the end."

"Once upon a time I was sure if I could go outside but momma put me in time out while it was my birthday today. And so I couldn't eat the um football cake and I wanted it because that was my favorite thing to do. And when I got outside.... I mean when I got out of time out, Mommy putded some makeup on me for my party before everyone came to my party. And we were playing with no people wanted to play with me. Only the people of my cousins wanted to play with Courtney and Marshall. So, the boys playded with Marshall, my cousins played with Courtney. It was no fair so I told Mommy and she said I'm sorry and she said I'm sorry go ask a person if you can play with somebody, and I asked and nobody answered, and I asked again and people said no i don't wanna play, and I said I'm being nice. Now we were eating marshmallows after the party and when it was bedtime we said a prayer to Heavenly Father, thank u for this day we love each other Jesus Christ Amen. And we went right to bed and closed our eyes and it was morning and we packded stuff up for our camping. We were going camping. We packed striped clothes and star clothes and colorful clothes and cake clothes and we packed up the same pants and the same shirt and the same leggins and the same shoes and so we packed up food cups plates everything. A little garbage can and we packed up a TV, we packed up my toys, we packed up everything. We packed up my Mommy's computer and so we wanted to always be with each other and we did. And I said Mom don't u love me? And Mom said yes I do love you forever. And so she did. The end."

Previews for the finale, coming soon:
*I really wanted to be a colorful angel but Jesus made me to be a red angel and so Mom took pictures of me with a red angel with sparkles on me and so I put makeup on and everything on me and so I ate some cake and I did everything.
*So my Mom woke up and heard this yelling and Mom said who is that yelling Madison and Courtney. So Courtney said Madison has a broken foot.
*I knowded the way back home. I got my car. My pink car. And then I wanted a computer a PINK PINK computer that was sparkly. I had songs on it and games on it and turn ups (volume) on it. And then I goed (went) back home and then I boughtded (bought) me an ipod.
*And then I swimmded in a river and a shark ate me and then I went in his stomach.
Trust me, they are stories you won't want to miss. :) Stay tuned!

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