Monday, October 17, 2011

A little of this, a little of that

Aren't those a couple of studly boys!

Bye Boys!
I'm so glad that Marshall and Grandpa Kouns are such great buds. They always have been. These photos were taken last summer. My Dad called and asked if he could come get "the boy" so that Marshall could go for a motorcycle ride and have a sleepover at Gma's and Gpa's house since my Dad had the next 2 days off. Of course Marshall jumped at this opportunity. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family. I especially have amazing parents.

2 days ago I woke up with a scratchy throat. That whole day I spent sneezing. Now, the clogged up ears have gone into effect. I sounds like I'm plugging my nose when I talk. It's quite amusing.
Last night we went to my parents for good ol' Sunday dinner. It was oh so good and it was nice to get a night off from cooking.... well, it was nice for Ben to get a night off from cooking since he's been the main dinner cooker around here lately. I usually cook at least 1 meal a week! :) Since I've been sick with this pregnancy, and now that I've been put on light duty, I think 1 meal a week is pretty good. Wouldn't you agree?
Ben took all 3 kids on the weekly shopping trip this past Saturday. Can you believe that Walmart was out of beef roast? It was a bummer for me. I've been craving roast dipped in A1 steak sauce again. That has to be one of my favorite meals. If you have not tried roast dipped in A1, you have not lived. You may as well have been living in a cave your whole life. You need to run out and try it asap. No jokes. I could seriously drink A1. I am odd. I'll admit!
Today has been a very lazy day for me of course full of sneezes and blowing my nose. Campbells, mmm mmmm good! Can you hear the campbell's commercial now? I can! One of my faves is the one with the snow man. I think I may have some delish Campbell's chicken noodle soup for dinn. It always has a way of making my sickness seem a little more bearable! :)
I'm missing the cold weather. I am wanting the storms and the snow. I just don't want us to drive in it.
I ran up to the Childrens Place a couple of weeks ago and bought winter coats, hats, etc. to get ready for winter because it was just too cold for jackets at the time. Now it's been pretty warm. Warm enough to leave the jackets behind. So, the coats are put away for now. We used heat and ac all in one day last week. Utah weather is bipolar. But I still love my good ol' Utah.
Are you guys ready for Halloween? We are! I'm usually a procrastinator and all the costumes are picked through, but we got the kids costumes the first part of October. Ben and I just need to get stuff for our costumes. Exciting exciting!

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