Friday, January 28, 2011

Some great purchases

Some great purchases I have made this month.........

I love these! They are beautiful, and a great accent to any dinner table. I purchased mine at Shopko for $24.99. They were originally like $55.00 (I think)
I just love getting bargains!

Ben and I have been trying to be more active, so I bought these stainless steel water bottles at Shopko. They are originally $7.99. I got them on sale for $2.99 and $1.99. I am going back to buy one for each of the kids. Ben, the kids, and myself did a bit of hiking this past Summer. Ben and I actually hiked to the top of squaw peak on the 4th of July, and watched the stadium of fire's fireworks from above. The fireworks were so low, and looked so tiny. It was a ton of fun! For those of you who have hiked up Provo Rock Canyon to the top of squaw peak, know that this is quite the hike! I hope to do more hiking with the family when the weather permits us to do so.  However, I will not be doing the Squaw Peak hike again until I'm more fit! Needless to say, it kicked my butt!
I got a compliment on my water bottle last night at Zumba :)

Not that I think I "Do Too Much". I just love the meditations, and reflections idea.

I bought this book for the kids at for $7.50. The kids absolutely love it! Mady had me read to her each of the recipes, and the ingredients. The kids love putting on their little aprons, and helping me cook. Yes, Marshall has an apron, too! :) I can't wait to make the recipes in this book with the kids! 

This is the biggest loser food scale. For those of you following Weight Watchers, or any diet for that matter, know how important it is to get exact measurements. Eyeballing is so inaccurate, and people usually tend to eat more, or less, than what they think they do. I purchased this on for a whopping $17.97. It has been a great purchase for me as I use it almost daily.
I purchased this Weight Watcher Essential Member Kit on for $24.95. After taxes, and shipping and handling, it came out to be $35.12. Shipping sure can be costly.

This is the NEW Weight Watchers PointsPlus Calculator. I purchased this on Ebay for $25.50. I actually got a good deal. I can't believe how high people are bidding for the NEW Weight Watchers supplies. They are only $11.95 on, but everytime I have looked they have been "out of stock".

I bought this Jillian Michael's Triple Chocolate Shake Protein Powder at Walmart for $10. I have never had protein shakes post-workout, so hopefully it helps. I have heard that it is best mixed in a blender with a banana and ice. 2 Points+ Values per serving. Hopefully it's not too gagish! ;)
I have been so anxious for the new season of the biggest loser. It started a few weeks ago, but I have yet to watch it. I have Zumba class during the time that it's airing. I don't have DVR, so I can't record it and watch it later. Actually..... I have not even turned on the TV this month other than to put a movie on for the kids, or to watch a Red box movie. I guess I'm just not up to par with the rest of the world just yet.... BUT I love it that way! :)


Nat said...

Oooh! I love good deals! Way to go!

I also love the "What's For Dinner" button on your sidebar! Will you email the picture to me so I can put it on my blog?

Jamie McQuivey said...

Thanks! I absolutely will email it to you! :)

Rachel said...

What is the protien shake mix for? After a workout? I heard drinking chocolate milk after a workout is good for the muscles! I have yet to do it. Don't want the calories:)

Jamie McQuivey said...

I totally don't blame you for not wanting to pack on the extra calories. Chocolate milk is high in calories.
Yes, the whey protein is intended for after a workout. However, you can have it at any time through-out the day. Protein helps build lean muscle. Proteins in meats are great. However, those types of protein digest slower than the whey protein. After a workout you want a fast digesting protein. Whey protein is the fastest digesting protein there is. The Jillian Michael's protein shake mix can be a replacment of a meal if other healthy nutrients are added to it, or it can just be used as a snack. I'm going to try 1 cup vanilla coconut milk, 1 banana, ice cubes, and the whey protein powder. Mix it up in the blender, and have it as a post workout snack. The total points for this snack will be 4 points+. I'll keep trying different things until I find a mixture of flavors that work well for my tasting. I hear that the post workout meal is probably the most important meal you will consume.

This is an explination of the pros of whey protein that I found on a website:
"Protein is the “building block” for muscle (and amino acids are the building blocks of proteins), and during a workout, it breaks down, a process known as protein degradation. After the workout, in the repair process, it’s built up again, a process known as protein synthesis. This ongoing cycle of building-up/breaking-down, which goes on constantly, is known as protein turnover. The body can’t synthesize protein from nothing; it needs nutrients to do so. Thus, after a training session, you need to make sure that the body has the fuel it requires to do its job."

Whew, that was longer than I thought! I hope you were able to hang in there, and read it all! Everytime I've follwed weight watchers, I've always winged it. I would stay at my alloted points, but I didn't do it as healthy as I could have.
I hope this information helps! :)

Megan Mendez said...

Jamie please forgive my not getting back to you sooer. And sorry for posting this on ur blog but I am still getting use to this and I dont even know if there is a differen way to message u haha. Yes we forsure have to get together one day soon for lunch. I have your number and I swear I will text u soon. Glad to see things are going soo good for you.

Jamie McQuivey said...

Girl, you can comment and say absolutely anything on here! :) I LOVE to hear from you! Thanks for your message! You're so sweet! :) I have your number written down somewhere in my bedroom. Definitely call me, because knowing me, it willtake me forever to find it ;) CAN'T wait to catch up soon!

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