Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Make it-love it!

To all you crafty ladies, this ones for you! I found another cool site! This site has tons of crafty, cute, and fun ideas!

They also have clothes, cakes, and TONS more!


Ashley said...

How cute.. I'm gonna check out the site!!
Also thank you very much for your comment and the prayers! We JUST got home and she's out. It went alright. I guess I should say better than I expected but at the same time a little of what I expected.... She refused to put the gown on and then she cried when they had to take her away from me and jas. But she got put to sleep really quick and everything went good. Now all her dental problems are fixed. I was glad jas came up to help me.

Jamie McQuivey said...

You are so welcome! I'm glad to hear everything went well! I hope she heals quickly! I'm glad Jason was able to make it!

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