Saturday, January 15, 2011

Smiles for the soul = kids cuteness

I write down cute things that the kids say, and I put them in their baby book. That way they can read them through-out their life. Here are some saying from the past year.
Marshall is my 7 year old.
Madison aka Mady is my 4 year old.
Courtney is my 2 year old.
Part of Marshall's personal prayer, "Please help my pillow pet to never rip or the blanket that Mom made me, and I love it. Even all the money she spent on it. I love everyone, even the bad guys." Marshall has been telling me that he hates bad guys. I told him that we shouldn't hate anyone. He asked me why, and I told him the reason is because Jesus said love everyone. He's such a sweet boy!
Mady thinks the song "If you're happy and you know it" goes "If you're happy in your nose" So, she'll go around singing, "If you're happy in your nose clap your hands" Also, I heard this one once, "If you're happy in your nose, pick your nose!"
A conversation between Courtney and I: Me, "I'm sick, Courtney." Courtney, "Is you belly hot?"
Mady says to me, "I miss you every much!"
Mady says all the time, "I love you more than outer space.... deep!" There is a story behind this. Ben was telling the kids how much he loves Mommy and them. He was saying random things like that he loves us more than the sky.... more than deep outer space!" Ever since then she has been saying it.
Marshall says, "Mom, if you live in Spanish Fork that means you have to speak Spanish, and I don't know how to speak Spanish. How do you say please in Spanish?"
Ben asks Courtney, "What did you have for lunch, Courtney?" Her reply, "Food and maceeoni." (not macaroni, but maceeoni!)
At the dinner table Mady says,"I have a boyfriend. His name is Jeremy. He smiled at me, and now I love him. When he grows up to be a Dad, I'm going to marry him." Ben jokingly said, "I already don't like this Jeremy kid." Ben told Mady that she can't get married until she's like 35. She says she will get married when she is 26. She came home from school a couple days later, and let us know that Jeremy is no longer her boyfriend. He didn't smile at her that day, so he is no longer her boyfriend.
Marshall asks Ben, "Does your Mom live in Africa?" Mady follows by asking, "Why does your Mom live in Africa?" We were on our way home from his Mom's house last Sunday night. I had cooked a cheesy buffalo chicken soup for dinner before we went over there, and the kids didn't want it. Surprise surprise! We were on our way home around 7:30, and the kids said they were hungry. Ben and I told them that they need to eat their dinner, and appreciate it. Ben told them that there are kids all over that are hungry. The kids asked where they live, and Ben said a lot of them live in Africa.
One time when Mady got mad she said, "I don't want to be anyone's kid. I just want to be with Jesus."
Mady says, "I'm going to have 126 kids." Marshall says, "I will never leave my Mommy. Even when I have kids."
Mady couldn't sleep the other night, so she came and layed with me. She said, "Somebody has my sleep." I reply, "Oh yeah? Who has it?" Mady says, "My friend Dakota." I ask, "And what is Dakota doing with it?" Mady replies, "Sleeping with it."
Mady says to me, "Mommy, you're the prettiest Mommy in the whole round."
I told Marshall that maybe he could grow up to be a fireman. He said in a panic, "NO, I hate fires. I'm allergic to them."
Mady gets out of time out, and in a sweet voice she says, "That makes me sad. My eyes are angry."
Mady is sitting in the doctor's office, and asks the nurse, "I'm afraid that you're gonna do it wrong. What will happen if you do it wrong? My Mom will know!"
Marshall says, "Ben is a good guy, he plays fun!" Mady says, "I love Ben. He throws me in the sky!" Courtney says, "YEAHHHH!!!!!"
In October 2010 Courtney could count to 13, and knows her colors. She has now mixed her counting up, but still knows her colors. Smart girl!
Me, "Mady, wake up for school. Do you want to wear this shirt?" Mady says, "Mom, my eyes are broken." A minute later Mady says, "Okay, my eyes are fixed now. Yes I want to wear it."
I was listening to 'The Diary of Jane' by Breaking Benjamin. Mady says, "Mommy, why is this song talking about Diarrhea? That is bad for you, it stinks!"
After a day at Primary Children's hospital, Marshall got an MRI, and and Echo, Marshall says, "Mom, this is the best day I never had! It is my favorite day! I wish I could do it all over again." Needless to say, he got SPOILED up there!
Mady told me that I have fat hands.
I wouldn't give Marshall some apple juice before he went to bed. He was so upset about this because his baby sister got juice because she was good most of the day. He proceeded to tell me that he should be getting apple juice, and that he was right, and I was wrong because Jesus would agree with him.
Mady and Courtney were in the bath. They are both laying back. Mady looks at her little sister and says, "Courtney, baptize me!"
Marshall, "Mom, can we listen to the tee skirts and high heels song in the car?" The song he is refering to is 'You Belong With Me' By Taylor Swift.
Marshall, "Does Jesus know where my toy is?" Me, "Yes, maybe you should pray to him to ask him for help finding your toy." Marshall, "Will Jesus come here and help me find it?" Me, "No, he will just help you find it through thoughts and feelings." Marshall, "OH, will he give me his powers?" Me, "Yes Honey, he will give you his powers."
According to Marshall, macaroni and cheese, and McDonald's are kind of the same. The reason being is because they are both yellow, and they both start with an M.
Mady called me a mobby head because I wouldn't give her gum. Not quite sure what that means!
Part of Marshall's prayer while at Grandma's, "And please help me to have a good Christmas, and not be on the naughty list!"

LOL, for like ever!! Kids are the sweetest things ever!!

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