Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh happy day!

Today started off really good, and ended just as good. I woke up to my dishes being done! There were quite a few dishes, so this was not an easy task. I just want to say that Ben is one amazing man, and I am so lucky to be his Wife! We don't have a dishwasher anymore, so dishes are done by hand. We should still have a dishwasher, but that's a whole different story. All I can say is we have some awesome landlords! And I mean that with as much sarcasm as possible! So, not only did Ben wake up early Monday morning to take the kids to school, but he worked graveyards Monday night. So, he was going off of no sleep in aproximately a 24 hour period. Instead of him coming home and crashing, he is still thinking of what will help me out, and does the dishes. He got to bed around 6:30.  Not even an hour after he got to bed the alarm went off. It was time for me to start the day, and get the kids ready and off to school! He could tell I was so exhausted. I went to bed way too late the night before. He offered to take the kids to school for me while I stay in bed and catch up on some sleep. No way was I going to go for that. I convinced him to go back to sleep while I took the kids to school. This was not an easy task! I had to tell him that if he got up then I would just get up, too. Therefore leaving us both exhausted, and that it would be totally pointless. LOL! I can be stubborn, too. I just can't believe all that he does for me, and our family. He is so thoughtful! I just love him to pieces! I am truly blessed!
Today I signed my son up for basketball! He made me aware at last minute that he doesn't want to play basketball. He wants to play soccer. I told him that they don't play soccer during the winter because of all the snow on the ground. I told him that he could play when the weather warms up. We'll see how this basketball experience goes! I think it will be great for him!
Ben and I are currently involved in a biggest loser competition that his family put together. Ben and I are on a team. It started Jan 1st. However, we didn't start until yesterday. I am starting to go to a zumba class 2 nights a week. I bought a 10 class pass back in November, so I suppose I better make use of it. We also have a yearly pass to the provo rec center, so we need to put those to use as well before they expire in a few months. Also, I finally got an elliptical a few months ago, YAY!! I bought it from my sister for $200. It has been rarely used since she uses her treadmill the majority of the time. So, I was happy with the $200 price. Also, we are following the weight watchers program! Should be a lot of fun! The competition ends in 4 months, so we'll see how many pounds we can shred by then. It will be a journey to get to my goal wieght of 135, but I know I have an amazing support system, and I can and will get there eventually!


Nat said...

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of your blog. Ask Ben if he will come do my dishes!! :)

The Cheeseburger Soup sounds yummy. I was really surprised with how much I loved Pizza Soup, so I will definitely try the Cheeseburger Soup.

Ben and Jamie said...

I for sure will ask him for you!;)
Pizza soup? Looks like I'll need to try that one out! I'm digging these weird named soups lately! You will LOVE the Cheeseburger Soup! Yum-O! My kids ate it up, and my kids are very picky. So, that has to say something! Let me know what you think of it!
Thanks for checking out my blog, Natalie! It will be fun keeping in touch! :)

Amy said...

Yuck! Graveyards = no fun! I hated when Jeremy was on graves. He hardly ever got any sleep. Good luck with your weightloss goal! You can do it! I seriously think the first week is the hardest. That's usually when I give up, but my pride will get the better of me here with all the McQuivey's knowing what my weight is, I'll be mortified if I don't lose any weight for this weigh in. Go MCBL! :D

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