Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas!

2010 was an amazing Christmas! I loved spending time with my boys Christmas Day! We had fun! The girls had a fun filled Christmas day with their Dad! They were able to come home the night after Christmas, and open the rest of their gifts. It is my tradition to stay home on Christmas rather than drag the kids away from their toys! We welcome visitors though! We play games, play with toys, watch movies, have an elegant Christmas dinner, and just enjoy each other's company! Christmas Eve, and the day after Christmas are available for us to go out, and visit family. However, this was the most bittersweet Christmas I have ever experienced. The reason it was bitter is because it was the first Christmas that I have ever had to spend without my girls. I missed them immensely. It was actually pretty depressing looking over at their unopened gifts under the Christmas tree. I'm glad my girls had a fun Christmas with their Dad though! I just missed them more than words can express! It was such a sweet Christmas because I got to spend it with my 2 favorite boys in the whole wide world: Ben and Marshall! We did have a wonderful, relaxing, and fun Christmas! We had the pleasure of having some visitors on Christmas day: My Mom, Dad, and little twin sisters: Sherrie, and Terrie. Also, Ben's Dad, Step Mom, and little sister! I just love having family over to visit! On Christmas Eve it is a tradition for us to watch "The King is Born". We discuss our Saviour, and his plan for us! I'm thankful for the knowledge I have of the gospel! I wouldn't be nearly what I am today without it! It is also a tradition on Christmas Eve to bake, and decorate cookies for Santa! We hope you all had a joyous Christmas season! Until next year........

Santa came to our house! :) He filled our stockings.......

And he left presents under our tree!

Marshall hanging with buzz lightyear! I was too busy recording Marshall opening his gifts that I totally spaced taking pictures of him opening them. I feel bad!

Poor Marshall got so sick from spinning his buzz lightyear around in circles!

Marshall sleeping with his new spiderman blanket, pillow pet, and Woody!


Opening presents! Marshall was just as excited for the girls to open their gifts as he was when he open his gifts on Christmas Day!

Mommy and me aprons!

Thanks Santa for bringing us girls these cute aprons! :) Don't you just love our ghetto TV, and stand, with the good ol' rabbit ears? It does it's job (for the most part) for the little amount of TV we watch! 

The after math of opening presents! Thankfully, I have a huge living room!

The kids playing with some of their toys!

The kids showing off their blankets I made them for Christmas!

The kids wanted to hide under their blankets and pretend they were presents, LOL!

Bed time! Courtney with her new pillow pet, and blanket!

Bed time! Mady with her new pillow pet, and blanket!
Bed time! Marshall with his new pillow pet, and blanket!

Courtney playing with Benny before bed time! (I think it's so cute how my kids call Ben, Benny!)

And this is how the night ended for the kids! My girls sleep in the oddest positions, LOL!

Ben and I relaxing after a fun night! Yes, I am still wearing my apron!

This is the book Ben gave me for Christmas! I absolutely love it! I will be making a different post specifically addressing this book! It is amazing!



Amy said...

I loved all your Christmas pictures! Very cute blankies and aprons! Oh and we have a ghetto TV too! :) No rabbit ears here though, just movies and games for us!

Ben and Jamie said...

Thanks, Amy! :)
TV is overrated now days!

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