Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Santa Wish List Cards!

Tonight for family home evening we made our Santa wish list cards, watched a movie "The Happy Elf" (if you have Netflix, I recommend you look it up and watch it. It's too cute), talked about the true meaning of Christmas, and went to Wendys for some yummy ice cream.

I know, I know, we are super early on the Santa wish list cards. I usually wouldn't do them this early but we have a very busy few weeks ahead of us and Santa needs the list early so his little elves have time to make the stuff. :)

I found a cute website. It's Your kids can type and send letters to Santa straight from that website. It has fun activities for kids, too. Check it out!

 We had fun playing with the paint!

Marshall's card!

Madison's card!

Courtney's card! Bennie and Courtney had fun decorating her card together.

Mommy's card!

Bennie's card!

Courtney's wish list

Madison's wish list

Marshall's wish list. You can't tell he has all sisters and no brothers by his flynn doll request. ;) Flynn is the guy from Tangled.
He wrote the first part of his letter then asked me to write the rest for him. The top of his letter says, "Dear Santa From Marshall, I would like the Captain America that my Mom could not buy and I would like a treasure bell. (It's like a bell that you hold in your hand and shake. Like the bell from The Polar Express.)

Mommy's wish list

Bennie's wish list. He's so silly, but he sure is sweet.

After Marshall and Madison's cards were done they decided they wanted to do another craft project. Madison's art work is above and Marshall's art work is below.

Courtney helped clean up the paints. Marshall made his way in shortly after to help clean up.
Messy, messy! What's the point of being a kid if you can't get all messy?

I asked Courtney earlier today what she wanted for Christmas. She said 3 Alex dollies (I think that's the name of the dolly she wants). Then she decided to start being silly. Not like that's unusual for her. She said she also wants a tongue, teeth, and boogers. That's right folks. You heard right. She wants her boogers for Christmas! That gets a great big ewe, but I have to admit, Bennie and I couldn't stop laughing after she said it.

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