Saturday, November 19, 2011

Something waiting in my mailbox for me taught me a lesson

Guess what I received in the mail yesterday?

I decided to check the mail on my way out the door to get my handsome son from school, and in my mailbox magically waiting was this beautiful magazine.
I ordered it last week, so I was surprised it had been delivered so quickly.
I flipped through the pages while me and my beautiful daughters waited for my son's school bell to dismiss all those anxiously awaiting children to bounce out the doors and start their beautiful afternoon in the fresh air.
I couldn't get enough of the magazine, but I had to get ready to leave for the night, so when I got home, I took the magazine in the bath with me and flipped through those pages as I soaked.
At first, I wanted it to stay in prefect condition as I had just spend $26 on this beautiful keepsake magazine, but a thought came to my mind that convinced me otherwise.
When my 5 year old daughter, Madison, saw me flipping through the colorful pages while we waited for her brother at school, she asked me if she could look at it later.
I was hesitant at first because of the thought of bent pages, and maybe even a ripped page, occurring to this precious magazine. However, I realized that this is just a magazine. It is a material thing. My daughter is not. After I got out of the bath, I took the magazine downstairs and handed it to her. I said, "this magazine is very special to Mommy, but you can look at it. Please take care of it." And that's just what she did. She took care of it.
Watching her sit on the fireplace hearth, with the fireplace glowing in the background, while her cute little fingers delicately turned the pages with joy and delight in her eyes, my heart warmed. That is priceless. A magazine is not. Her memories, and her enjoying her childhood, are far more important than any material thing.

On a different note, me and my darling sister in law, who lives just down the road from me, went and saw Breaking Dawn part 1 last night. I loved it. If you haven't seen it, you so should. Even if you're not a twilight fan, you should see it. I can't wait for part 2 to come out next year.

The past few nights have been sleepless for me and busy as can be. Interested in what I have been up to that's been keeping me so busy? Check it out HERE. I worked on a couple different projects but am just about done! I won't say which projects just incase the people who I made them for are reading this.
It is that time of year and I am loving it!

Off my son and I go to the wonderful weekly shopping trip at good ol' walmart.
The price matching list is made and the weekly dinner menu is planned. I don't feel like getting all ready and done up to go out today, so on will go my cute crouched hat or a loose bun in my hair. Makeup will come tomorrow.
I hope I get back in enough time to make THIS for dinner. YUM!

 I hope you all have a merry snowy weekend. Well, snowy if you're here in the beautiful state of Utah that is.

And if you're interested in purchasing your own copy of this beautiful keepsake magazine, you can do so by clicking HERE.  I think they've gone down in price since last week because I paid $26.95 (includes shipping) for my copy, and I just looked on their website and the total with shipping is only $21.90.

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