Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cutie Courtney!

On Tuesday, after Marshall and Madison were at school, Courtney and I did some playing. Courtney was the Mom and I was her daughter. My name was Jolia, straight from Courtney's imagination. Usually when we play house, she decides that she wants her name to be Ali. She has been getting a kick out of doing imaginary birthday parties lately. She gets saucers and we sit on a blanket and eat our imaginary cake and ice cream. We play, color, and do all kinds of fun birthday stuff. On Tuesday, we had another imaginary birthday party planned by Miss Courtney aka Ali or Mommy, then we went to the pretend store, and then I had the pleasure of Courtney reading books to me, putting her own words in with the pictures on the pages. After playing house, we worked on spelling her name and worked on shapes. To help her remember, I tell her the that C in her name is part of a circle, the o in her name is a circle, the u in her name is an upside down rainbow, the r in her name is half of a rainbow, the t is a cross, the n is a rainbow, the e is a circle with a tail, the y is an upside down rainbow with a tail. I wrote her name on a paper and she wrote her name below. She did a great job! She does so well with direction. She is one smart little 3 year old girl who I love to pieces and pieces.

Then she decided to start being silly! :)

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little girl! She's my little snugly girl. :)

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