Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My blanket angel

This morning after I got Marshall and Madison ready and sent off to school with Bennie (he is the morning school dropper-offer around here), I was overwhelmed with exhaustion. I looked like a crazy lady who just stepped out of the scenes of a horror movie. I was in my jammie gear and my hair was all over the place. Some of it stayed clipped up while the rest fluttered down with tangles throughout. My 5 year old daughter mentioned to me that I looked pretty before she stepped out the door to head to school. It was a kind compliment. I had slept pretty well the night before, so I was a bit confused with this current state of exhaustion I was in. I couldn't manage eating so 2 glasses of apple juice would have to do. Once I got the juice in my system, I laid down on the couch using the pile of unfolded towels as my pillow. My face sunk into the sweet fresh scent of clean laundry. I was out. The next thing I knew, my 3 year old daughter, Courtney, was putting a blanket over me to keep me warm while I snoozed away. Moments like these are burnt in my heart and memory for ever. Her sweet acts of love, kindness, and gentleness make me realize just what a great job I am doing at being Mommy. I love being a Mommy and wouldn't change it for anything in the world.
After Ben got home from his morning kids-dropper-offer routine, he asked me what I wanted for breakfast. I mumbled out the words "nothing" while I stay in my overwhelmed tired state. He said I should eat something and asked me if I wanted cereal, an egg sandwich, scrambled eggs etc. etc. etc. After many attempts of him trying to get me to let him make me something for breakfast, he finally realized it was a useless battle. As stubborn as he can be, and believe me he can be, I think I'm a sliver more stubborn.
After he did a load of dishes, he headed up to bed. This is the time he gets to sleep due to him being on the overnight shift at his work. I soon straggled up to bed with my Hubs and cuddled him like there was no tomorrow. Courtney joined in beside me. Soon, we all 3 dozed off into sleepy land.
Courtney and I woke at 11:50 to go get Madison from Kindergarten. Courtney's first words when she woke up from her nap was, "Mom, did you have a good nap?" I replied, "Oh yes, did you?" She replied, "Yes." And we did. It was a much needed refreshing nap. And off we went to enjoy the rest of our day.

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