Sunday, September 30, 2012


Today I watched Courtney, my 4 year old, run around in her underwear all morning. She was in protest and refused to get dressed. I watched her take a baby wipe to wash off her food-splattered face. She left just enough left-over food on the tip of her nose to still notice.
I made my baby laugh by lifting her up in the air and bringing her down just low enough to kiss her, and then starting all over again. I played copy-cat and mimicked every noise she made. She liked that game. While I nursed her, I rubbed my thumb across the top of her soft, silky-smooth hand while she clasped my finger tight in her little chubby baby fingers.
I saw the excitement in Marshall, my 8 year old, as he tried on his new Halloween costume for Ben to see. I watched him wrestling with his sisters and heard him making his little karate noises followed by little chuckles. I sat there while Courtney and Marshall bickered over who got to sit by me, and realized that all too soon they won't be fighting over who gets to sit by mom.
I got the biggest kiss from Madison, my 6 year old. While we were in the middle of watching Tangled for our family movie night, I said that after the movie is over I would pop some popcorn and we could watch AFV- America's funniest home videos. She shouted YAY, and the squished her cute little button nose, and her soft little pink lips as hard as she could into my cheek. She then followed by telling me that was the biggest kiss she has ever given me. And yes, yes it was. And all over popcorn and AFV. I have gotten some big kisses before, but this one topped them all. ;)
I watched Ben as he played with the kids. I watched him make an eclair cake for his friend who just had a birthday. He made some for us too, and it was delicious just as it always is. I was able to finish laundry, cleaning, and make dinner while he took the 3 older kids to the park to play.
As for myself, I realized just how important my role as a wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, neighbor etc. really is. I realized that life can change in a split second, and to cherish everything, especially the small things. I also learned to love myself a little more today than yesterday.

While I reflect back on my day, I wonder how many of these tiny things that I'll actually remember in the years ahead. Will I remember Courtney going on a protest, and hanging out in her underwear all morning? Will I remember the excitement in Marshall's eyes as he tried on his new Halloween costume? Will  remember the biggest kiss ever from Madison? Will I remember the sound of Myriam's cute little baby laugh, and softness of her silky-smooth baby skin?
Will I remember dancing and singing with my kids in the kitchen while I make pancakes for breakfast?
Maybe not. And that's okay. I know that I won't remember ever single detail of every single day. But, in the years ahead when I look back to this time in my life, I may not remember every single detail, but I will remember how I felt at this time in my life. And more importantly, my kids and my husband will remember these feelings, too.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Naps and an update

We love taking naps around here. I just love Courtney's post nap hair-style in the photo below. We are not used to these early mornings after a sleep-in-every-morning summer.
We're  not quite into a routine yet. It seems like the more I try to get a schedule down,  the more chaotic it gets. I'm starting to think that maybe schedules aren't for me.
We are so ready to welcome the fall. After all, it is my favorite. I just love the fresh, crisp, cool air. I love the sight and smell of anything pumpkin or apple baking. I love the holidays. I am ready to start this new chapter, and ring in fall 2012.
Marshall is in soccer and Ben is teaching him karate. The girls are taking dance from the city. They hate it. And Myriam stays at home close in my arms. I love it.
Marshall and Madison are now enjoying 3rd and 1st grade. It was a little struggle at first.
Madison has 2 hairline fractures on her left arm. She and her friend were chasing Marshall. Her friend accidentally stepped on her foot while they were running, and Mady went tumbling down. She skidded up her knees and arm pretty good. She's a trooper.
Courtney loves preschool. She has her backpack that has wheels so she can pull it along, so she is happy. After seeing a girl from Madison's preschool class have one of those, she's had her mind set on getting one. She has been asking for one for 2 years now.
Myriam is so fun. She loves to smile. We all love making her laugh and smile. She is such a happy baby. We are blessed to have her part of our family. She is getting ready to start crawling any day now. Oddly enough, I think she'll be crawling before she sits up alone without support.
And Ben and I are just trying to keep our brains functioning as we take on the demanding task of raising 4 kids. But we love it.
Well that pretty much sums it up.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Madison! Your letter included!

Okay, so I know that I am a bit behind on my blogging. Mady turning 6 on July 25th. I hope to do better as this is a journal for my family to look back on and reminisce on our memories together.
I honestly cannot believe that Mady is already 6. She is in 1st grade. She goes to school all day now. It's hard for me to let her grow up so fast, but I know I have to.
On Mady's birthday we spent the day with just us. I did a little photo shoot of Mady. She just loved it. Then we let her open her presents, and then headed up to Build-a-Bear where she created her very own teddy bear. She named her Sara, and she sleeps with her every night.
We had a birthday party for her with her cousins and friends the day after her birthday. We reserved the city building. They did fun activities, and they had a couple bounce houses set up. She had a fun birthday full of smiles and laughter.
You have grown so much over the past year. You are becoming more independent as the days go on. It is a bittersweet thing for Mommy to see. I just want you to stay little forever. I want you to enjoy the innocence of childhood for it will be over before you know it. On the other hand, it is so much fun seeing you grow. You have lost your cute little chubby baby cheeks. You are looking more and more grown up by the day. I love you more than words can express.
Here are some words of advice I have for you:
1. Never try to be someone you're not. 
2. Stay true to yourself, and remember that you are loved.
3. Never let anyone define who you are. You decide who you are, and you define yourself.
4. When you get older, you will date. Let the boys pay for your date and hold the door for you. It is not old fashioned to be a gentlemen, so let the boys you date be gentlemen.
5. Remember to dance in the rain.
6. Smile every single day even if you don't feel like smiling.
7. Never ever doubt your self worth.
8. Never forget that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you more than we can comprehend. Kneel down and pray often. Even if you don't think your prayers are being heard, pray anyway. I promise you that you ARE being heard. Never doubt.
9. I cannot promise you that you will never face hard times in your life, but I CAN promise you that you will never face those hard times alone.
10. Your parents and siblings love you more than words can express. We are always here for you. You have 4 parents who want to be here for you every step of the way.
11. Share your talents with other, for you have many talents. You especially have a beautiful singing voice. 
12. You will only go as far as you push yourself, so push yourself hard. There will be days where you feel like giving up. Remember who that is making you feel like giving up, and be assured that it is not Heavenly Father because He wants you to succeed. 
13. Enjoy the simple things in life.
14. A beautiful face doesn't make someone beautiful, it's a beautiful soul that defines beauty. So be happy, enjoy life, and let your beauty shine. You are beautiful inside and out.
15. The LDS church IS the true church. Many people will try to stray your beliefs, but never doubt the truth in this gospel.
16. Be kind
17. Love with all your heart. Even if you get hurt, love with all your heart. A life without full love is not a life at all.
18. Choose your friends wisely
19. Share your testimony as often as possible. Even if people get offended, share it anyway.
20. Look at life with an eternal perspective. It will make life's trials more bearable. I love you more than life itself. I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.
Love, Mommy
I just got done reading Madison her letter, and this is what she had to say, "Mom, when can I play with Addison? Oh, and I LOVE IT!"
 Ha ha! She will find more meaning in it when she is older and can comprehend all that is being said.
She makes me smile Every. Single. Day.

Mady and Courtney are in love with red lipstick. I let them wear it for special occasions.

Mady washing her build a bear

Sara is all decked out with an outfit, shoes, backpack, sunglasses and bows for her ears.
Welcome to the family Sara :)

Her Kit-Kat cake was so much fun, and so easy to make. Yes, there is real cake in there ;)
Happy 6th to my favorite Mady in the world :)
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