Sunday, September 30, 2012


Today I watched Courtney, my 4 year old, run around in her underwear all morning. She was in protest and refused to get dressed. I watched her take a baby wipe to wash off her food-splattered face. She left just enough left-over food on the tip of her nose to still notice.
I made my baby laugh by lifting her up in the air and bringing her down just low enough to kiss her, and then starting all over again. I played copy-cat and mimicked every noise she made. She liked that game. While I nursed her, I rubbed my thumb across the top of her soft, silky-smooth hand while she clasped my finger tight in her little chubby baby fingers.
I saw the excitement in Marshall, my 8 year old, as he tried on his new Halloween costume for Ben to see. I watched him wrestling with his sisters and heard him making his little karate noises followed by little chuckles. I sat there while Courtney and Marshall bickered over who got to sit by me, and realized that all too soon they won't be fighting over who gets to sit by mom.
I got the biggest kiss from Madison, my 6 year old. While we were in the middle of watching Tangled for our family movie night, I said that after the movie is over I would pop some popcorn and we could watch AFV- America's funniest home videos. She shouted YAY, and the squished her cute little button nose, and her soft little pink lips as hard as she could into my cheek. She then followed by telling me that was the biggest kiss she has ever given me. And yes, yes it was. And all over popcorn and AFV. I have gotten some big kisses before, but this one topped them all. ;)
I watched Ben as he played with the kids. I watched him make an eclair cake for his friend who just had a birthday. He made some for us too, and it was delicious just as it always is. I was able to finish laundry, cleaning, and make dinner while he took the 3 older kids to the park to play.
As for myself, I realized just how important my role as a wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, neighbor etc. really is. I realized that life can change in a split second, and to cherish everything, especially the small things. I also learned to love myself a little more today than yesterday.

While I reflect back on my day, I wonder how many of these tiny things that I'll actually remember in the years ahead. Will I remember Courtney going on a protest, and hanging out in her underwear all morning? Will I remember the excitement in Marshall's eyes as he tried on his new Halloween costume? Will  remember the biggest kiss ever from Madison? Will I remember the sound of Myriam's cute little baby laugh, and softness of her silky-smooth baby skin?
Will I remember dancing and singing with my kids in the kitchen while I make pancakes for breakfast?
Maybe not. And that's okay. I know that I won't remember ever single detail of every single day. But, in the years ahead when I look back to this time in my life, I may not remember every single detail, but I will remember how I felt at this time in my life. And more importantly, my kids and my husband will remember these feelings, too.


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