Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ben! We love you!

My wonderful Husband turned 27 yesterday! (Well I guess technically day before yesterday since it's after midnight now). I am so thankful to have him in my life! He is truly the greatest blessing in my life (along with God and my kids that is :) ) He is ALWAYS looking out for the kids and I! He is always taking such great care of us! I always joke around, and tell him he makes a better house wife that I do, but he truly does. He cooks, he cleans, he does laundry, he works, he helps kids with homework, he gets kids ready for bed & tucks them in bed, he is always willing to get up with the kids in the morning, get them ready for school, and take them to school (even though he works graves). This is one subject that I am absolutely stubborn on. I will not allow him to do this unless I'm sick, and am not able to do it. He is always playing with the kids! He is always there to listen and helping me through my struggles. He is always telling me to forgive, soften my heart, and rely on the Lord! He is a great example to us, and everyone around him! He just adores the kids and I, and we adore him! He teaches the kids correct principles, and helps them gain a testimony of the Gospel! He is always so gentle and kind! He has been here for me through thick and thin. He has always had a such great patients! He has taught me SO much, and I have so much more to learn from him! He has helped me strengthen my testimony, and has helped me know what great worth I truly am. He makes me feel beautiful, and tells me how amazing, and beautiful I am daily. There is not a day that goes by that he doesn't tell the kids, and I, how much he loves us! He is truly my better half! I am truly happy to be his Wife! I am so anxious, and excited, to experience all of the things together throughout our journey here, and the here-after, together. So to Ben, thank you for everything! They say that Prince Charming doesn't exist, but you are truly my Prince Charming! WE LOVE YOU, BEN!

To the story of his birthday this year:
We had a nice day! On Saturday I took him out to 'The Brick Oven' for his birthday! We had our favorite dish there thus far.... the name seems to be slipping my mind at the moment! We have only had it 1 other time. That was back in July. Ben took me there for my birthday. I have craved that pasta ever since July. So, needless to say, I got my pasta fix on Saturday. I gained a ton, but hey, it was worth it :)
We had the pleasure of meeting with our wonderful Bishop on Ben's Birthday! I was telling the Bishop about an experience I had while I was pregnant with Marshall. I told him that while I was pregnant with Marshall the Doctor told me that my Son might have a hole in his heart, fluid around his heart, and that a part of his brain was not measuring correctly. He told me that because of the part in his brain, that he may not be able to walk or talk in his life. I had to go to see a specialist, and found out he was fine. I was reading the scriptures daily, and praying daily starting a couple months prior to this incident. I was closer to the Lord, and had a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father than I had ever had before. It was a struggle hearing those things from the Doctor, but I prayed to God telling him that I didn't want this to be the case with my Son, and it was my desires that my Son be okay. But, I told Heavenly Father that I accept anything he brings my way. So, if this was what was supposed to happen, then I would accept it. After I was finished telling this story he said, "I don't think we've had you two speak in sacrament yet. Would you guys be willing to give a talk on 'Having Faith Through Our Adversitys'?" Of course Ben and I accepted, and are actually very anxious to speak on this subject. The Bishop suggested we tell stories from our life about this subject, and also share with people how we met, and so on. We will be speaking in sacrament 2 weeks from today! :)
On the morning of Sunday, I woke up and made Ben breakfast- Chocolate Crepes with Strawberries. It was amazing! I made him chicken pot pie for dinner, and a homemade chocolate cake. YUM! It was seriously the best.... THE BEST... chocolate cake I have ever eaten. If anyone would like the recipes for any of these, feel free to comment with which ones you'd like, and I'll send them your way! :)

Happy Birthday, Ben! Thanks for being YOU!

Chocolate Crepes with Strawberries

Cake batter. YUM! Yes, those are little mini chocolate chips in the batter :)

The finished project. I am horrible at icing cakes, so don't mind that. And YES, those are pink candles, lol. You make work with what you have ;)

This cake was amazing. The whole thing is gone; every last bite.

At the top of Squaw Peak. We hiked there on the 4TH of July to watch the Stadium of Fire's fireworks from above. We were so high up.

The boys building a fort right after one of our huge snow storms

Another picture taken at the top of Squaw Peak. That is the Provo Temple in the bottom right hand corner. If you ever want to know where Squaw Peak is, just look up at the mountain above the temple. You can see it from the freeway. The Peak is pretty close to the top of the mountain (I think anyway). The way the Peak comes out, it looks like the Peak on
'The Lion King'

Not a pretty sight of me; no makeup, and hair messy. But we sure did have fun that day baking a cake with the kids, and that's all that matters :)

The highlight of my life; My Family!
We have had some AMAZING times with you, Ben! It has truly been a pleasure! I cannot wait to experience many more years with you, My Love! :)

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