Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our soon-to-be new home! :) (Well, kind of)

Super big news here!! We..... are...... building....... a........ HOME!! YAY!! We are super excited!! Our house won't look exactly like this. It will be some-what different.
We will be building in Southern Utah County. I have mixed feelings about the area. It really wasn't my first choice, but certain circumstances lead us that way! I love Springville area, but the more I think about it, the more I think we are going to LOVE it there. It will be nice to be closer to some of my family, and closer to some of Ben's family. Ben's brother and sis in law live in the same town we are building in! So excited to be closer to them! We will be building in a brand new community out there. 600+ homes will be going up in this community. They are set to build a clubhouse with a huge pool, workout room, great room etc. this Summer! They will be making this pool available to the public for like $50-$60 a month. We will get use of it for free. (Well it comes out of our HOA fee money) They will be putting in our yard for us. They will be maintaining the whole yard, so long as it is not fenced. Then what is fenced is our responsibility. They will be doing snow plowing and removal. I never thought I'd buy a house in an HOA area, but the more I think about it, the more I'm going to love not having to do yard work or snow plowing and having access to a pool, workout room, great room, volleyball courts, etc. We will be building right in front of a little park/play area with tons of open grassy areas. We are bulding a hybrid home; It is a mix between 2 homes. We are taking the plan of the upstairs of one home, and the bottom plan of another home, and putting it in to 1 home. It will be about 2,400 sq. feet. It will have 3 levels on it. No, it is not a split level home. The basement will not be finished, just the upper 2 levels will be. It comes with 3 bedrooms 2 1/2 bathrooms. When it is all finished, it will have 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, 2 living rooms, and a cold storage room for our food storage. They have not built the hybrid yet. We are actually helping a little to finish the plans for it. We are currently trying to decide if we should place the laundry room upstairs or downstairs. If we put the laundry room upstairs we can do like a mud room downstairs with cabinets as lockers for the kids. However, if we put the laundry room downstairs and don't do a mud room, we will do a little loft area upstairs. We are loving the loft area idea. We will probably make it a little play area for the kids while they are young, and then a study area or lounge area for the kids when they are older. It's fun being able to help design this home even though it is in a small way. The changes that we make are going to be the standard plan for anyone who looks in to building the hybrid model. So, we decide whether the permant plan has the laundry upstairs, and mud room downstairs; or if people have the laundry downstairs, and have a loft upstairs. We have an option of putting a separate shower in the master bath, but that cuts into the closet. It's just lots of little things that we are helping design. It's fun going over it all. What is your feedback? Any suggestions on what you would do with the laundry room? What is seen in the pictures comes standard with the home. What we see is what we get. Most model homes have a base price, and the model homes are loaded with upgrades. So, to make the home look like the model home, they actually have to pay tons of upgrade fees, and the home ends up costing more. So, for our home there will be no upgrade fees for the canned lighting, crown molding on the cabinets, higher baseboards, 2 tones paint, ceiling fans, etc. I love the way the kids bathroom is set up. You walk through a door, and see a vanity area. Then through another door is the toilet and tub/shower. It will make it nice to have access to the vanity, and to be able to do the kids hair while someone is using the restroom or showering. Anyway, I don't have pictures of the new home as they haven't built it yet. However, I have pictures of the 2 homes that we are building in to 1 home! Enjoy! We sure are! Ben, the kids, and myself are so excited for this upcoming change! We should be in early to mid May! :)

This is house #1. We are building the upstairs to this home.

Another view of house #1.

This is the master suite

This is the master bath. Through the archway on the right is a HUGE walk-in closet.

This is one of the kids bedrooms. The rooms are actually really big. I'm impressed. You can't see the size of the rooms in these pictures. It is opened quite a bit to the right.

Another room for the kids. I love all the windows in this home. Tons of natural lighting.

This is house #2. We are building this downstairs.

Another view of house #2. I love how the garage on these homes are on the side of the house. It makes the homes look so much bigger.

This is the living room.

This is the kitchen. They are actually widening the dining room a little bit in the hybrid plan.

Another view of the kitchen. I love the desk off to the left. I'm thinking about trying to make this counter in to an island instead of it wrapping around connected. We'll see.

And a little close up of the kitchen. The hybrid design will change a little bit. Originally through that door is the laundry room, and bathroom. They will be opening it up, and just doing a bathroom, and a mud room, or a bathroom, and laundry room more opened up, and it will have a door that leads to the side of the home.
There will be tons of little changes, but these pictures give an idea of what our home will look like.

That's it for now. More to come later! :)


Ashley said...

That's awesome!! :) I think you will really like Santaquin!! I know that I have really loved being in Payson!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :) :)

Jamie McQuivey said...

Thanks Ash!! I'm glad you're close to Santaquin! We need to get the kids together for a play date! :)

Ashley said...

That would be way fun!! :) Yes we should!

Bonnie K. Terry-Shill said...

What a nice home. Congrats on building one of your own. :)

Rachel said...

Looks super nice!

Jamie McQuivey said...

Thanks ladies! :)

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