Saturday, February 12, 2011

Having Faith Through Adversity

Tomorrow is the "big day" that Ben and I give our talks during sacrament meeting. Our topic is Having Faith Through Adversity. This week has been an off week for me. I have often wondered how I can possibly give a talk on this topic. However, I know this is the perfect topic for me to discuss. This topic doesn't need much researching. It's pretty simplistic, and doesn't need much written down. I have underlined a couple quotes from an amazing book I am reading, that I will be reading from tomorrow. The book is called 'Defined by Christ' by Toni Sorensen. I recommend it to anyone. I promise, it is worth the $. I would be more than happy to borrow my copy to anyone who is interested. The rest of the talk will be simply off of inspiration. I told Ben that if I choke, and can't take up my 15 minutes, that he will have to cover where I'm lacking. He is fine with this. He hasn't written a word down for his talk. He has full faith the the Lord will guide his words with what needs to be said. He has so much more faith than I do. I have much to learn from this man. When Ben was out today I asked him to look for another book for me by Toni Sorensen. It's called 'Master'. It's a Novel about Christ. The author of these books has been through some similar things that I have been through. I can relate to her in some ways, especially with her feelings in the book I am currently reading- 'Defined by Christ'. 'Master' is a super looooong book, but I can't wait to finish the book I'm currently reading, and jump in to this new one. I have had a hard time overcoming things in my life, and moving forward on certain issues. Some times I wonder if I ever will (even though deep down I know I will. It will just take tons of time)...... I am still battling this. Ben is trying to help me overcome these issues. I'm thankful to have him be so understanding of me. I am very honest, and up front with him. I think this is one of the reasons we are best friends; because I know I can go to him about ANYTHING, and know he will be there, and not judge me, and do everything in his power to help. He has caught many of my tears this week. I call him my rock, and he truly is. I have no doubt that Satan is trying to shake my faith this week so I won't give this talk. Well it won't happen. His efforts have been extremely draining for me, but they have not been successful.
When my boys were out and about today, they got me a couple heart shaped boxes. One had a few filled chocolates, and the other had a few reeces candy. That put a smile on my face.
Tomorrow should be interesting. We have some family, and one of Ben's friends, coming to listen to us talk. I'm not really nervous which is surprising for me. Well I suppose I better call it a night, and get some zzzzzz's as my church starts at 9 in the AM. 7 will come too quick for me.

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