Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dear Winter

Dear Winter,

Please go away. I don't think I can handle you much longer. You are beautiful to look at, but you have made my family and I so sick. Literally. My checking account can't handle you much longer. Each one of my children have been to the doctors office at least once this month. It isn't a cheap place to go. Co pays do add up. My children and husband are feeling better now, but now I'm sick again. As a mom, I don't get a sick day to lay in bed and rest. My job must go on regardless of how I am feeling. I had to go the the ER last month, and am now having to pay almost $400 for that visit. I am so anxious to get outside and play for long increments of time. I know my husband and children are, too. I actually want to go RUNNING! Every single day in fact! Can you believe that? I hate running. So, that must tell you how desperate I am to get outdoors. I know it is your turn to do with mother nature as you please, but I'm begging you, PLEASE step aside and let Spring shine down on us too. Thanks for blessing us with your abundant beauty, but I know you'll be back soon enough. So, take a nice long rest to get ready for next winter.



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