Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sick baby and toilet paper hair

 My poor little baby has been sick :'( 
She was stuffed up and running a fever all night Thursday night, so I took her to see our pediatrician first thing Friday morning.
Thursday night was a long, exhausting night. I felt so bad for my little baby. Nights like these are tough. I know this stage in her life will pass all too quickly, and that it is important to cherish every single moment. Especially the hard moments. These are the moments that teach me patients.
The pediatrician said that she may be at the beginning stages of RSV, and that her left ear looks like it's at the beginning stages of an ear infection.
He put her on an antibiotic for her ear.
This is her very first ear infection. She has been a healthy little squirt.
She has healed quickly, and is doing fantastic now.... other than a little stuffiness, and diarrhea from the antibiotic. 


 Mady has such a fun personality. On Friday, I heard her singing a song to herself in the bathroom. The song said something like, "I'm a rock star" over and over and over again. She was looking at herself in the mirror while singing that song and putting different headbands and bows in her hair. I started singing it back to her, "Mady is a rock star". She started laughing and kept popping in and out of the bathroom. Eventually I went upstairs to attend to the baby. She came running into my room laughing her head off because she just put toilet paper in her hair under her headband. 

Quickly after she left, she came running back in like this.
She is too funny for her own good.
I'm glad she has such a fun and outgoing personality.
Later that evening while the boys went to get pizza, Courtney turned on some music and us girls danced around the kitchen. Dorky dancing of course. It was much more fun dancing around while unloading the dishwasher rather than just unloading it the "normal" way. You all should try it sometime. ;)
There is never a dull moment in our household with 4 spunky kids. 
They brighten my life.

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