Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All about MOM and GRANDMA; sleepover in brother's bed; spot 1, spot 2 & spot 3.

This is my week to teach preschool. For those of  you that don't already know, I rotate with 4 other moms in my ward to teach preschool. I also have Courtney in another preschool, so she goes to preschool a total of 4 days a week. She goes 2 hours per time at once school, and 1.5 hours per time at the other. Just after I had signed her up for preschool, a mom from my ward asked me if I wanted to participate in a preschool group with them. I had paid a non-refundable $50 registration fee for the other preschool, so I didn't want to pull her out of that one before even giving it a try. Also, I was a little hesitant with her being in school 4 days a week, but she loves preschool, so I'm glad I gave her this opportunity. I have really enjoyed our little preschool group. We have fun. I can't believe my sweet little Courtney is old enough to be in school (sniff, sniff). I love her so much.
During preschool today, I had the kids answer an "all about my MOM" questionnaire, and an "all about my GRANDMA" questionnaire. Here are Courtney's answers.

All about my MOM
My mom is 28 years old.
My mom weighs 30 pounds.
My mom's favorite color is pink.
My mom's favorite food is broccoli with cheese in it.
My mom always says "I love you."
My mom cooks the best macaroni.
My mom's job is to take care of us.
My mom laughs when we do silly things to her.
If my mom had time, she would love to read me a book.
My mom & I like to teach preschool.
My mom really loves her kids.
I LOVE my mom because she takes us to fun places.
By Courtney

All about GRANDMA
My grandma is 22 years old.
My grandma weighs 30&5 pounds.
My grandma's favorite color is purple.
My grandma's favorite food is macaroni and pop tarts.
My grandma always says "I love you."
My grandma cooks the best pop tarts & granola bars.
My grandma's job is to take care of her kids.
My grandma laughs when we make fun of her. (Then she asked me, "Mom what does make fun of mean?")
If my grandma had time, she would love to take her kids to the beach.
My grandma & I like to cook food with each other.
My grandma really loves us.
I LOVE my grandma because she makes the best food.
By Courtney

A little boy in my class said his grandma is 50,000 years old. Wow, now that's old!

I will keep, and cherish the "all about my MOM" survey forever. When she is much older, I will read this to her and give her a giggle. I love looking back at all the things in my baby book. I hope she will find joy in looking back at hers, too.

Madison and Courtney (mostly Courtney) often beg me to please please please let Marshall come sleep in their room with them. 95% of the time I tell them no, not on a school night. Weekends are free game, but school nights are not so much. They like to built forts on the weekends and all sleep together in their fort. I gave in and told Courtney that Marshall could sleep in their room tonight. Well, they all ended up in his room in his twin sized bed. They are silly. I love them. I love that my children are such good friends. I know they will cherish these years with one another forever.
I look back and cherish my memories with my siblings. I'm glad my siblings and I still have a close bond. This evening I looked on my phone and saw 2 missed calls right in a row from my sisters. One from Cody, and one from Terrie. Then I saw a text from Cody that read "Call me ASAP". My heart was pounding. I thought something bad had happened. When I called Cody, I found out that all she wanted was to know if I still wanted to go to the craft group with them this month, and if they should leave the money for me with the lady who was hosting it. I guess they were at her house, and wanted to know what to do before they left. I told them what jerks they were for scaring me like that LOL! We all had a good laugh.

Courtney was sick last week with a mild cold. The baby ended up getting it. Now I have it. Thank goodness it's mild. We have wiped a lot of noses around here lately.
Madison and Courtney have a rash all over their bodies. I thought it was hives. We decided to take them to the doctor today because it was getting worse. The doctor said it's not hives, and that it's a virus. He said there is no medicine for it, and that it will go away on it's own. I'm so glad it's not itching or bothering them. Tonight while I was bathing the girls, I noticed the extent of how bad it had gotten. It was literally covering their whole bodies. I told them I'm going to start calling them spot 1 and spot 2. They liked that idea. Courtney is spot 1, and Madison is spot 2. Madison says that I am spot 3 because I have freckles. I love the silliness my kids have in them.

We hope everyone has a magical Valentine's Day filled with love.

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