Saturday, July 14, 2012

Focus and Priorities

The following words below is a talk , Focus and Priorities, given by Dallin H. Oaks at the April 2001 General Conference.
I found this talk on facebook. It is refreshing, and just what I needed to read. I have been wasting so much time this summer by being lazy, and I have been getting so overwhelmed with all the time I have been wasting. This is just the inspiration I have been needing.
Our priorities are most visible in how we use our time. Someone has said, “Three things never come back—the spent arrow, the spoken word, and the lost opportunity.” We cannot recycle or save the time allotted to us each day. With time, we have only one opportunity for choice, and then it is gone forever.

Good choices are especially important in our family life. For example, how do family members ...spend their free time together? Time together is necessary but not sufficient. Priorities should govern us in the precious time we give to our family relationships. Compare the impact of time spent merely in the same room as spectators for television viewing with the significance of time spent communicating with one another individually and as a family.

To cite another example, how much time does a family allocate to learning the gospel by scripture study and parental teachings, in contrast to the time family members spend viewing sports contests, talk shows, or soap operas? I believe many of us are overnourished on entertainment junk food and undernourished on the bread of life.

The ultimate Latter-day Saint priorities are twofold: First, we seek to understand our relationship to God the Eternal Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, and to secure that relationship by obtaining their saving ordinances and by keeping our personal covenants. Second, we seek to understand our relationship to our family members and to secure those relationships by the ordinances of the temple and by keeping the covenants we make in that holy place. These relationships, secured in the way I have explained, provide eternal blessings available in no other way. No combination of science, success, property, pride, prominence, or power can provide these eternal blessings!


Nat said...

What a smart guy! ;) Thanks for sharing. I love your header. Cute babies!

Ashley said...

AMAZING!!! Let's me know I need to make some adjustments in my life.

Jamie said...

Thanks Nat :)

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