Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Las Vegas Honeymoon!

The Excalibur Hotel: this is where we stayed while we were in Vegas
Ben and I went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon. We were gone for about a week. We rode down with Matt and Shandy (Ben's Brother, and sister in law) We had a lot of fun, and were able to go to a lot of fun things down there. We went to The Titanic Exhibit (SO awesome), The Shark Reef, CSI the experience at MGM Grand, The Polar Express 4D ride, and we rode on the roller coaster twice at New York-New York. We saw Tournament of Kings (a way cool medieval times 5 course dinner show), and Defending of the Caveman (A comedy show about couples. It was hilarious). We stayed at Excalibur Hotel located on the strip. We saw some very interesting things down there. We unfortunately saw some very disturbing things down there, too. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the McQuiveys' friends/family from down there; such cute and awesome people. It was a fun trip, but I'm glad to be back to my kids, my everyday life, and the "sheltered" good ol' Utah.... (Wedding pictures will be coming soon)
Stopping for a quick pose while walking down the strip

Getting ready to go out

Don't fall

One day I will be able to fit in to something as small as this... one day

Smile Ben, you know you wanna. He looks SO happy here. ;)

A shark swimming above us at the shark reef

I was trying to look scared in this photo. I just look like I'm ready to take a big bite out of this shark, lol.

The Lions at MGM Grand

Ben being a kid... like always, lol
The Luxor Hotel
The Tournament of Kings show
The Tournament of Kings arena
The soup at the tournament of Kings show. Ben just laughed when I took a picture of my soup. He didn't understand what was so appealing about taking a picture of my soup. I honestly don't know... but I am posting it anyway, lol. It was actually really good soup.
Buzz lightyear taking a pose down the famous Las Vegas strip
Ben and I

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