Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cake baking, flour faces, smile filled day

Ben got some cake batter on my nose!Thanks Ben!

Courtney sifting the cake flour

Madison sifting the cake flour

Marshall sifting the cake flour

The finished product! I still have a long way to go!     
So, we gave the cake thing a try. We didn't start until 4 in the afternoon though. It didn't turn out how I wanted, but it will take practice. After baking the cake in my ancient stone age oven, we let the cakes cool and headed down the street to cake supply store to buy some raspberry filling to put in between the layers. It was yum-O! Now to the icing story, lol. So, I was supposed to use confectioners sugar. Well I thought that was plain ol' sugar. Ben and I were wondering why it was so crunchy from the sugar, lol. Oopsie! We had fun making the cake. When it was time to put the fondant on, I was so tired that I just slabbed it on without taking much time to smooth it out. The pictures show that. Next time I will make the icing with the correct ingredients, so it will smooth over the cake nice and pretty. Also, if I'm doing fondant, I will take the time to make it nice, smooth, and colorful! It was a fun day!


Whit said...

That's Cute!

Amy said...

Cute pictures! The tree decorating pictures made me laugh because Ben looks like one of the kids. lol It's hard to see him in the Daddy role. Y'all are so cute!

Ben and Jamie said...

Thanks!! If you asked Ben, he would say that he is one of the kids, lol ;) The kids just adore him! Thanks for checking out our blog!

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