Thursday, March 31, 2011

It keeps going and going and going

Sickness around our home that is.
My poor handsome son had a rough week last week :( He came home from school one day and went straight to his bed. I knew that something was wrong once he came home and laid down. That is so not like him. He is so energetic. His head felt warm. I was getting him something to eat, and as he was talking he sounded like his throat was swollen. Ben and I took him to the doctor that day, and sure enough, strep throat. Poor guy. But wait, that's not it. He was feeling much better the day after he was on his meds. He was fine up until Friday night, actually. He was fine allll day Friday until night time. Friday evening Ben, Marshall, and I went on a walk. We came home and made Carmel popcorn out of delicious homemade buttermilk Carmel syrup. YUM! I tripled the recipe so I had enough to give some extra to the neighbors. We put the extra syrup in 2 jars, tied some raffia around it in a bow, and wrote a note with the recipe on a card, and we were off to deliver the syrup to our neighbors. Marshall was fine then. Once we got home, we put in a movie, 'How Do You Know' starring Reese Witherspoon (Way cute movie by the way), and munched on our fresh Carmel popcorn. About 30 minutes in to the movie Marshall passed out on the couch. I figured it was due to him waking up early for school that morning and having a long full day at home. Ben noticed he was feeling warm when he laid him in his bed that night. We woke him and gave him some ibuprofen. I guess he woke up off and on most the night. I had no clue. Once I closed my eyes, I was out for the night. Ben got up with him off and on throughout the night. Saturday morning we took him to the doctor because his fever hadn't broke. We made the mistake of taking the back way to pediatrician's office. We got caught in the traffic for the festive of colors. Once we got to the office they took his temp. He had a fever of 102ish. They did another strep test. He was nervous about having the nurse swab his throat for the second time that week. It took Ben holding him down and the doctor doing a quick swab to get him tested for strep earlier that week. This time the nurse was super nice, and Marshall let her do it without giving a fuss. After she left he was a little bothered that he had to get his throat swabbed. I told him that when he was a baby they had to put something in his nose and down his throat a little ways to test him for RSV. I told him that 2 of his cousins had to get a test kind of like that a couple of month's ago as well, and that he should be glad he didn't have to get that done. He asked if it hurt. I said that it hurt really bad. Wellllll...... sure enough.... the doc came in and shoved a swab clear up his nose to test for influenza. Poor kid. I know, I know, I'm a mean Mommy. What can I say, I felt horrible. I thought I was making him feel better, but in reality I was making it worse. It was working up until they decided to do a test like that. The test came back negative. He said it could be some other virus, and that it should go away in about 5 days, but if he was still running a high fever on Sunday night to bring him back on Monday. On top of it all, his blood pressure was high and low. It was high on one number and low on the other. The doctor said it was probably due to him being sick, but I was concerned about his heart because it hasn't even been a year since his surgery. He has to watch his blood pressure throughout his life, and I was nervous something had went wrong. Luckily, it turned out that nothing was wrong with his heart. Sunday rolled around and sure enough Marshall was on the floor moaning and groaning off and on because he didn't feel good. He was still burning up, and had been the whole weekend. I didn't have a thermometer, so I ran to walmart and bought some things I thought he would eat and grabbed a thermometer.
It's the kind that you just rub across their forehead real quick. They have those in the pediatrician's office, so I figured it would be good. I love it. It was only $33, and I definitely recommend to anyone to get one. You can get it at for $28.
I kept the medicine coming regularly, and he was fine until it wore off. I felt so bad for him. I asked my Dad and Ben's Dad to come over Sunday night to give Marshall a blessing. It was right before bed time. A little bit after the blessing was over, the kids were put to bed. I checked Marshall's temp once throughout the night. It had dramatically dropped, especially since it had been quite some time since he had a dose of medicine. His temp was 99, so not too bad at all. He slept the whole night and the fever never returned. I am so thankful for the power of the priesthood and for blessings.
Ben pointed out last night that Courtney's voice was changing. It sounded like she was losing her voice. I noticed it, too. She felt a little warm as well. I took her temp and it was a couple degrees high. I took her to the doctor first thing this morning, and sure enough, the verdict was strep throat. Poor baby girl! Nothing keeps this girl down though. She is scrubbing walls and the TV right now as I write. Why you may ask? I have not a clue. She loves scrubbing walls. LOL. She is so energetic and full of happiness. If it wasn't for her fever and loss of voice, I would have been clueless to her having strep throat. She's been eating well, and happy as can be. :)
I feel so bad for my kids being sick. There is nothing worse than seeing a kid sick and not being able to fix it, or take it away immediately.
Mady had a UTI first. Once her medicine was gone, Marshall got sick. Now that Marshall is better and almost off his medicine, Courtney is now sick. It doesn't just come at once, it hits one kid at a time :(
I'm hoping for a sick free Spring! Courtney also got a booster flu shot today. She was so sad! :( The nurse put the needle in and Courtney kicked her legs. The needle came out. The nurse had to redo it. I felt awful for Courtney! Once she got home she got a dose of her antibiotic and ibuprofen. She's been walking stiff legged, and has had me carry her all over earlier today.
I won't be blogging much for the next little while. We are packing up and will be moving out of our apartment on April 30th. We are scheduled to be in to our home around May 3rd. Exciting but nerve racking times for us!
I hope to be back at blogging once the move is over and we are all settled in our new home!
Happy Easter and Happy Spring! We hope you are all doing great! Miss you all!


Rachel said...

It's not fun having sick kids:( hopefully the sickness stays away when they all start feeling well.

Jamie McQuivey said...

Thanks! :) I hope so too!
Hopefully my kids didn't get your kids sick over the weekend. Courtney had been on her antibiotic for over 24, so she shouldn't have been contagious..... but ya never know! I would feel so bad if we spread the sickness to your family.
I hope you all are sick-free and doing well!!

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