Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mady says.....!!

(Remember getting those pink foam curlers put in your hair when you were a kid? I sure do. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face!)
Mady says....

"Mom, can we play bonocoly?" She means monopoly :)

We were listening to the song, 'Bubbly' by Colbie Colait. Mady says, "Mom, do you know what this song does to me?"
I ask, "What?"
Mady replies, "It makes me love everyone!"

We were headed out to the car and the wind was blowing hard. Mady says, "Mom, the wind is trying to blow my nose off."

Mady came in to my bed one night to sleep with me.
She asks, "Mom, are dinosaurs real?"
I reply, "No.... well they were, but they're not alive anymore."
Mady asks, "When were they alive?"
I answer, "They were here before any of us were here."
Mady asks, "Where were we? In Jesus' belly?"
Laughing I reply, "No, we were in heaven."
Mady asks, "So were we in heaven's belly?"
I reply, "Yeah, kind of."

Mady asks Ben, "Beny, were we grown ups when we were in heaven's belly?" LOL

Mady came in to my room late one night. She wanted to sleep with me. I was getting ready to say my personal prayer and go to bed.
I said, "Mady, come kneel down. I'm going to say my personal prayer."
With a huge smile on her face, Mady lightly giggles and says, "You're not a kid!"
I reply, "No, but I can still say my personal prayer."
Still smiling Mady says, "Yep!"
Ben has been teaching the kids the importance of saying their personal prayers. I don't think that Mady has ever seen nor heard Ben or I say our personal prayers because it is usually behind closed doors, or when the kids are fast asleep. That's why she must think personal prayer is just for kids.

Mady comes up to me one afternoon and asks, "Mom, is Jesus magic?"
I reply, "Yes."
Mady says with excitement, "Cool!!" Then she runs off excited.

Mady asks, "Mom, when will I live with Grandma?"
I reply, "You won't."
Mady asks, "Only if I'm a spray bottle and I'm hers?"
Laughing I reply, "Yes!"
(Where do kids come up with these thoughts? LOL)

Those who know Mady know that she absolutely LOVES to sing! She is so funny! She makes up words that don't even make sense half of the time. Well, one day I was having an off day. I overheard Mady sing these words.
"You know you want to be strong, so you need to forgive. Don't you know who you are? You are my daughter! You are my sweet daughter!"
I believe that day Heavenly Father brought those words to my daughter to sing. I just sat there with tears in my eyes after hearing her sing that. It is something I know Heavenly Father wants us all to hear. My 4 year old brought those words to me from Heavenly Father! :)

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