Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Truly inspirational

I have been so humbled and in awe the past few days. I have been following an extremely inspirational blog.
I'm sure most of you have seen the buttons  "I follow NieNie" on people's blogs, or saw the author of this blog on Oprah or the news. I have never taken the time to really research what the NieNie blog is...... that is until a few days ago. I have literally spent hours researching her and her Husband. They are simply AMAZING and purely BEAUTIFUL through and through. If you are needing some inspiration, if your faith is shaken, or if you just need some humbling, their story will give you just that and more. You can just see the love of Christ shine through their story, and through their life.
I just couldn't imagine my life without the knowledge of the true Gospel. I am so thankful for my parents for raising me up in a home where the Gospel was always taught. I'm especially grateful for my Mom for living a Christ like life, and for teaching me to always rely on the Lord.
If you allow it, you can feel the spirit as you watch stories about her and her Husband. If you're not aware of their precious story, you definitely need to be. It will make you so grateful for the simple things in life, and not just the simple things, but the big things, too. You can view her story on the link provided below.
You NEED to watch this Mormon message of her story. To view it on youtube click HERE !
I have watched it like 3 times. Ben and I have watched it. My kids have even watched it with me. They had a bajillion questions to ask me while watching it, especially my 4 year old. My 4 year old agreed that she is beautiful, and she is just that and more.
Here is another video. This video was taken for the Oprah show. Click HERE to see it.
Grab a box of tissues. Both of these videos are a must watch.
If you watch them, I would love to hear feedback of what some of your thoughts were while you watched and listened to these humbling stories.

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Megan Mendez said...

Hey I know this is totally random...but do u text on ur phone? I just wanted to invite you to a scrapbooking workshop (thought it might be something you maybe interested in)and wasnt sure if i could text u on the # I have. Let me know. You can email
Hope your doing well. Talk to you soon.

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