Thursday, September 22, 2011

1 year anniversary, our late night, Halloween

First, I can't believe it, but it has been 1 year today since Marshall's successful heart surgery! He is the happiest, most fun little boy I know. We are so blessed to have him in our lives and we are blessed to have him healthy as a button. :)
This week he has been on the spotlight for his class. He had to return a poster board with some pictures and answer some questions about himself. He was also given a big bucket to put 4 things in it to describe things about himself. The 4 things he chose to put in his bucket are:
His new race car book (we got it at the store close out sale a couple Saturdays ago at Borders for like $1. Can't beat that!)
His Ob1 Kenobi star wars action figure
His heart surgery pictures
And last, but not least, a picture of him from 1st Grade with a Santa hat put in a little Christmas Tree picture frame. It was a gift he gave to me for Christmas. He loves Christmas! He must take after his Momma with loving Christmas!

I find it funny because he had no idea that today was his 1 year anniversary for his surgery until he got home from school today, and he chose to share his surgery pictures with his class today. He gets to choose 1 item from the bucket each day.

His poster board made me smile. Here are some of his answers:
What is your favorite food?: Mac and Cheese
What is your favorite color?: Green (This changes often) :)
Where is your favorite place to be?: Church
What do you want to be when you grow up?: A missionary
If you had 1 wish, what would your wish be?: To live with Jesus again someday :)
You can't tell that he had gone to church earlier that day can ya? haha
He's so cute!

Have I mentioned that I love this time of year? I just placed my order at for these fun Halloween items (items and links below). I can't wait until they get here! :) Some upcoming events for us: The Heber Creeper, opening October 1st, and the Sundance full moon lift ride.

Mady woke up at about 3:30 this morning. She had a nightmare and she was convinced that there were 100's of wiggly bugs with wings that landed on her and tickled her. When the light was on I showed her that there were no wiggly flying bugs in our house. She said that big people can't see them and only little kids can see them. We went downstairs for a drink, I had a bathroom break, Mady played with my hair, Mady scratched my back, Mady went to her bed, then Mady came back into bed with me, Courtney made her way into bed with us, then came Marshall. At 5:30, all 4 of us finally drifted back off into la-la-land.  
Walt Disney Records Halloween Songs & Sounds
Mady's dance class did a dance to a song on this CD. It is a super cute song. It's called "Which Witch Is Which?" By Goofy.

Kidz Bop Halloween Songs

Wilton Halloween Cookie Pan
Yummy Halloween treats at our house coming soon!


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