Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our big 1 year!

Happy one year anniversary to Ben and I! It has been a wonderful year. Lots of changes have occurred:
*We bought our first house together
*We bought a new car
*We have a darling baby girl due to join our family in March
Just to name a few big ones.
Something that hasn't changed over the past year is that we have continued to raise the cutest kids EVER. Seriously. Cutest. Kids. EVER!! We are blessed!!

Ben has taught me more about life than I ever thought was possible to understand.
He has made me feel beautiful, strong, and worthy.
He has taught me what it's like to be treated like a lady; a truly magnificent lady.
He has taught me how to have more patience. Well, he and the children have taught me how to have more patience :).
He has taught me how to forgive. Not just other people, but how to forgive myself as well.
But, most importantly, he has taught me to enjoy the simple things in life.
He is kind, patient, loving, generous, playful, fun, geeky (which I love because I need someone to go with my geekiness side), and the best guy around.
I didn't know guys like him existed. I thought they only existed in dreams and Disney movies. Boy, was I wrong! He is here and proof that prince charmings do exist outside of books and fairytale stories. He is my prince charming.
One word sums him up: A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!
So, Ben, thanks for being my truly charming and handsome prince. You rock my world.
Thanks for teaching me so much about the beautiful joys in life.
Thanks for always being my rock.
Thanks for spoiling me with the delicious breakfasts in bed, flowers, kisses, hugs, and love.
Thanks for allowing me to relax and take a breather as often as I need and as long as I need.
Thanks for the endless full body massages which are amazing.
Thanks for pushing me when I need to be pushed, and when life gets too tough, thanks for carrying me through the rough spots in life. You're always there helping me grow and get through those hard spots in life.
Thanks for never giving up on me. I know I'm not easy to live with at times, but you never complain and just compliment me on how you think I am truly amazing.
Thanks for your secret code 'I love you' hand squeezes to the kids and I. 
But, mostly importantly, thanks for being so amazing to the children. I love seeing their smiles and hearing their laughs daily. Seeing them enjoy their childhood to their fullest is truly the greatest blessing a mother could ask for.
Tonight, to celebrate our big 1 year, we are going to THE ROOF to eat dinner. Reservations are at 7. I'm so excited to dine while looking down at the beautiful temple lights and the beautifully lit temple grounds.
Afterwards we'll take a horse drawn carriage ride through the dashing streets of SLC.

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BreighAn said...

Happy anniversary!!! Have a perfect time on your date!

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