Thursday, December 15, 2011

Emergency Room

It's been hard to find the time or desire to blog the past little bit. Well I'm back and here is what's been going on.
Since Thanksgiving the girls have had strep throat. Courtney first then Madison. Strep throat and antibiotics are officially out of here. Whew!
The biggest thing that has happened is that Courtney had a fun night in the emergency room last week because she gashed her head open and had to get it stitched up. It was so sad.
That's 2 Emergency Room visits and 2 sets of stitches on the forehead this year. Marshall and Courtney are the not-so-lucky recipients of these events. Poor Madison was there when both of her siblings got hurt. She gets so scared with stuff like that. She has a great big heart and hates to see people get hurt. I was told that when Courtney got hurt, Madison ran into her Dad's bathtub, covered her eyes and started crying. When Marshall got hurt she cried and screamed louder than him. It just breaks my heart. She is such a loving and wonderful sister.
You can read about Marshall's stitches event HERE.
Anyway, we spent about 2 1/2 hours in the Emergency Room. They had to do a deep stitch below the outer layer of stitches. They did the dissolvable stitches (which I had to have my pediatrician take out), and they put steri strips over the top of the stitches. She had 5 stitches in that cute little head of hers.
When I saw her cut, I could see a hole. It looked like I could look into her skull. It literally tore through all of her skin and fat layers. She is one tough cookie who I love to pieces.
She was running and hit her head on the corner of a wall. Her Dad said it put a dent in his wall. My poor baby. I guess she didn't even cry at first.
Her stitches are now out and she is doing awesome. Her wound looks excellent! It is healing up great!
I never did get a day 1 photo. We didn't get home until about 11:30 that night. With it being such a long night, pictures were most definitely out of the question.

Day 2:

Day 5: Waiting in the waiting room of the pediatrician's office just before her pediatrician took out her stitches. Luckily I'm a paranoid Momma and took her to see her doctor rather than waiting for her stitches to dissolve. I was told that if I had waited, and her stitches would have stayed in longer, it would have probably scarred worse.
I love my kids' pediatrician.!

Steri strips are off and we are waiting in the office for the doctor to take her stitches out.

Day 8: This is how it looks today. Her bruise under her eye is still visible. Poor baby!

It is looking and healing great! I couldn't be happier with the results!
The doctor's advice is for the next year to keep out of the sun as much as possible or to have her wear a hat and put sunscreen containing 50spf or higher on her wound before going out in the sun because the sun will make the scar worse. Also, not to waste money on the over the counter scar cream, mederma, because it doesn't work any better than vaseline. And finally, put aquaphor on her wound like 6+ times a day for the next 6 months. That's why you can see the glow around her wound. We are keeping her wound all aquaphored up!

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