Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas this year was so magical. I'm sad it's over. We got to celebrate it twice this year since we didn't have 2 of our daughters with us until the day after Christmas. We sure missed them, but I can tell you that I didn't cry on Christmas day this year like I did the first year they were gone on Christmas. I did all my crying the day they left. Then I let it go, and had a great time with my husband and 2 other children. It was still sad, but I am learning, with time, how to handle it much better. Time is healing the pain! All my praise be to the Lord for mending my wounds and making me a better me.
My favorite part about this time of year is getting to see my children's faces light up. There is also just something about the lights, music, and cheerfulness in the air that makes this time of year so special. Anything for us to all join together and celebrate our Savior is so magical.
This year I made sure we had all the gifts wrapped before Christmas Eve. My husband was a great help. My husband and I are usually busy wrapping gifts all Christmas Eve night after the kids go to bed. Blah! So not fun! I wanted it to be low key and relaxing this year. I didn't do any wrapping, but my husband sure did. He wrapped my gifts on Christmas Eve. Hehe.
On Christmas Eve we spent the day delivering treats to our neighbors and friends, sipping on homemade crock pot hot chocolate (it is delicious. I'll post the recipe later), watching Christmas movies, watching the snow falling down making it a beautiful white Christmas, opening a Christmas Eve gift, driving around town to look at all the beautiful Christmas lights, reading the story of the birth of Jesus from the Bible, and watching the King is Born. We had such a great day.
On Christmas day we opened gifts, watched movies, I made a Christmas dinner and had 2 of my sisters, my sister's boyfriend, my grandma, and my parents over for Christmas dinner. We had a wonderful day playing games, eating, and enjoying each other's company.

Marshall's Chrismas Eve pajamas

Myriam's Christmas Eve pajamas

Santa came!
Our tree looks kind of silly.
We had to take the ribbon off the bottom part of the tree, and move all of the decorations on the bottom part of the tree  to the middle and top of the tree. That's why our tree looks so crowded and just thrown together.
All thanks to having a baby in the house who thinks it's fun to eat, and play in, the Christmas tree :)

He filled our stockings too!

Ben got a picture of Marshall taking his first peek on Christmas morning!

Marshall and Myriam opening their first gift on Christmas morning!

Marshall was so sweet to help Myriam open her gifts!

She is so adorable!

I love how Marshall is taking Myriam's hand and helping her open her present

Santa left a note with one of Marshall's presents explaining that when he was on our roof and had gotten out of his sleigh, one of Marshall's presents dropped out of his bag, and Rudolph accidentally stepped on it. That was why the box to his gift was dented on one side. He let Marshall know that Rudolph felt very bad, and that it was personally re wrapped by Santa.
He also told Marshall that he has been a very good boy.

So cute! I can't help but notice Marshall's red lips. He was just eating a red ring pop haha.  

Two of my loves taking a much needed nap on Christmas day
Christmas Dinner! Just waiting on the meat.

I love him! He is so handsome!

Look at my Grandma. Isn't she just so cute!?

Mady and Courtney opening their first gifts at our house!

They are too cute!

I have never seen anyone get this excited over getting leggings and church shoes!
Makes me happy.

Mady hugging her new church shoe. Silly girl!

A shoe? Why yes, I think I will.

She is claiming Courtney's stocking, Mady's shoe, and Courtney's dolly diaper and bottle set.
She is so funny.

Myriam loves the sparkly shoes. She likes to eat them hehe!

He is so handsome!

Whoa! What a mess!

 Merry Christmas from our home to yours! We hope you had a Christ-filled Christmas full of love and joy!

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