Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Courtney, Mommy, Sunday activity, Family Home Evening

Courtney is trying to not suck her thumb. She is doing much better. She usually falls asleep by sucking her thumb. Yesterday while she was in her booster, Ben noticed that she didn't suck her thumb to fall asleep. She gently folded her hands together and fell asleep. It was so cute! She got a booster the other day. She is loving being a big girl in her new stylin' booster :)

I don't know how she can sleep like this. She is too funny! She had to have her thumb here. We drove up the mountain on Sunday. We hiked up to the waterfall. If anyone hasn't been to the waterfall up Payson canyon, you so need to go. It is so much fun. The kids were a little nervous to get in the water, so we didn't stay long. After we left the waterfall we drove further up the mountain and came down Santaquin canyon. We stopped in Santaquin canyon for a picnic. Bennie packed us some pb&j's, animal crackers, and capri suns. I love that man to pieces!!!! I could not imagine my life with out him and the kids in it. They have helped me better my life. I will forever be grateful.  

It was a refreshing, fun, beautiful day!

I have been lacking in the sleeping department lately. I only have myself to blame. Mornings seem to come way too early. I have been spending too many of my nights staying up watching netflix. A couple of my favorite series to watch are The Ghost Whisperer and Monk (Ben and I have been watching Monk together. I love it!) The kids are fascinated with Fred The Movie. If anyone knows what that is, they know how insanely obnoxious he is. After the kids go to bed, it is my time to relax. My relaxation has been sitting in front of the tv. Really nice, right?! Definitely ;)
I hope everyone is enjoying this amazing hot weather. As for my family and I, we are simply LOVING it!
I can't stop thinking about the importance of family home evening. We have stepped off track of doing that for awhile. We have recently bought a cute little family home evening chalk board and I can't wait to put it to good use. For those of you who don't know about family home evening, it is simply amazing. For more information about Family Home Evening, click HERE!!
I promise, you'll be glad you did :)

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