Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I just can't get enough

It has been an interesting past few weeks to say the least. We are loving our new home. We are loving the kids being out of school. We are loving the warm weather.
With that being said, the past month has not been all peaches and cream. I went through a bad spell where I would wake up every day hoping for it to go good, and something always happened throughout the day. Not huge things, but little annoyances. With those little annoyances adding up every single day, they started to become a HUGE annoyance. I'll give you an example:
We bought a new kitchen table. While lifting it, I hurt my back. It is still hurting. That sucker was flippin' heavy! I have never hurt my back before. I guess there's a first for everything. 
My grandpa died on May 22nd. It was time for him to go. I'm so happy that he is in a better and happier place :)
One day we went to eat at IHop. We waited 45 just for the waiter to come see us. I had to ask what the hold up was before they realized they didn't have a waiter for our table. We waited over an hour before we finally got our food. When we finally left, everyone decided to turn just as we are trying to get on the main road, so we had more waiting. 
We then stop at walmart. Just as we see a good spot, the guy in front of us rushes to take it, so we get a not so good spot after all.
Then outside of Draper temple, Courtney decides to pee her her pants. I made her wait to go potty until I was done fixing her hair. I was a whole 2 minutes. I guess we didn't hurry quick enough. We get to the restroom and I pull down her underwear to go pottie just in time to see them soaked through. Oopsie! She got some on her pretty white dress too. I brought a change of clothes, but guess what, I didn't bring a change of underwear. So, I take off her underwear and do my best to clean her up. I put a clean pair of tights on her. Thank goodness that the pack of tights I had just bought came with 3 pairs of tights; 1 for each girl, and 1 left over. It was a life saver. The tights would have to work until we reached the closest store to pick up some little girls underwear. When she's all cleaned up I go to stand up and hear this big riping sound. Yep, that was my skirt. My high heel got caught in the skirt while I was kneeling on the floor. It wasn't just any skirt, it was a skirt that I had just purchased not even 24 hours prior to this incident. New skirt..... ruined. Not only that, but when I woke up that morning, I went to put on the new shirt I had just purchased and noticed there was a hole in it. Good thing my hair covered up the spot. It would work for the couple short hours that I needed it to. After pictures were taken, we headed out. We stopped at Sears so I could return my shirt that had a hole in it, and picked up some underwear for Courtney. They didn't have any undies her size though. The smallest they had was 4T. We made it work with  huge underwear. It's better than nothing.....right? ;)
This is just a sneak peak of all the events that have taken place. I know, nothing major, but day after day of stuff like this just got overwhelming. However, I'd take all these little annoyances over having a huge dilema.
One night I just broke down. I started bawling to Ben. I told him that I just couldn't take any more. I know, I was being overly dramatic. I had just had it. I felt like every day I woke up hoping for a good day, and something, just something had to happen. Being optimistic was not coming easy. Ben knows he married a psycho ;) Really though, he was super sweet with helping me stay optimistic. 
The past couple weeks have calmed down and have been pretty mellow. Thank God! Let's just hope things will stay smooth. 
We have stayed completely busy the past month. With a funeral, Ben's brother's family temple sealing; endowments, my niece's baptism, giving a talk for the baptism, wedding, family parties, moving, dates, kids activities, kid's play dates, etc........ it seems like there is very little down time to take a deep breath. 

Yesterday we took the kids to see Rango and then to a pizza buffet. It was pretty fun. My 16 year old niece wanted me to pick her up and take her with, so she came along. I forget what it's like to be that age. I guess an outing planned for little kids wasn't as eventful as she thought it would be, lol. She said that she felt like she was 4 again. She was pre-warned of the events to take place. We sure had fun though :)

Once we got home, Mady decided to wear this tie around her head. She thought it was pretty fashionable.
 Last Sunday Ben, Marshall and I went up Payson canyon and hiked up to the waterfall. A waterfall up Payson Canyon? Who knew? I sure didn't.... until I met Ben. He is the adventurous type. I can't believe some of the things he has done. He is one crazy man.
I was having a rough morning on Sunday. We won't even get into that. I told Ben I wanted to get out of the house. I told him to plan where we were going, and just take us there. So, he told Marshall and I to get dressed, he packed some pb&j's, water, juice, sunscreen, and bug spray. We then headed out. On our way to the car the water tip fell off and spilled all over the bag. Luckily the food was safe. We switched bags, and headed on our way. Marshall was grumpy that morning and didn't want to go. By the time we got up there, he was all smiles. He was glad we went, and so was I.

Here is a picture of the waterfall

We had to cross the river to get there

Another shot of the waterfall

The water was running quite fast

Here was the last spot to cross. The waterfall was just around the corner. We were told that someone had already slipped in that day. The log was really slippery. We did not take this route to the waterfall.

Instead we climbed this steep hill

Ben running up the hill. He is completely crazy.


Yesterday I got a few snap shots of Ben wresting and playing with the kids. He is so active with them. He had just gotten done taking them for a walk, and told them get in their pajamas. After they were in their pajamas, it was play time. He had them pretend to give him tokens for the airplane ride. I'm living with a bunch of geeks. And I wouldn't want to have it any other way. I'm addicted and I just can't get enough. (Did you notice that the last couple of sentences I wrote come from the new song by the Black Eyed Pees. I bet you couldn't tell that I'm listening to that song right now ;) )

Marshall on the airplane ride

Courtney on the airplane ride

Ben trapping the kids. Ben told the kids the only way he could unlock them is if Mommy blew him a kiss.

Ben playing dead. Marshall trying to lift him up.

By the end of the night I was pooped. This picture is evidence of that.
I pulled my hair up in an 80's style ponytail on top of my head. Washed my face, brushed my teeth, and went to bed. 

All of these pictures were taken with my camera phone. I dislike my phone, but I do like the camera in it. It's pretty convenient.

Happy Summer.... well almost Summer..... to all!!!!
Swimming, hiking, and exploring, watch out, here we come! We are gonna bring this summer in with a bang ;)


Nat said...

Hooray for Summer!! I love your 80's ponytail! It looks like you guys had fun hiking to the waterfall!

Did Ben recieve his endowments yet?

Jamie McQuivey said...

Yes, Ben received his endowments a couple weeks ago :)

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