Friday, June 17, 2011

Silly Sleeper

I always see Courtney sleeping in some weird positions. I can't help but take photos. She loves to suck her thumb and hold hair with her other hand. She's done it since she was a baby. I don't get it, but it soothes her, so that's all that matters. She used to always pull my hair, but one day I had a genius idea to try and buy her a dolly with hair and see if she would pull that when I wasn't right next to her. To my amazement, it worked! She is so silly. We are trying to get her to stop sucking her thumb before it messes up her teeth. She already has an overbite. Truthfully, there is not much we can do about it. When we see her sucking her thumb we just try to get her attention on something else, or we get her being active so she doesn't have time to sit back and suck her thumb. I asked her one day if it tasted good. She said yes. So, I asked her what it tasted like. She said, "Chocolate milk!"

Here's how I captured a photo of her sleeping yesterday:

As you can tell, she dressed herself :) She's wearing a leopard print skirt, and a long sleeve pink shirt backwards.

I went through some older photos to see how many I could find of her sleeping. There are tons more, but here are a handful. As I was looking through older photos, I came across a bunch of photos from the past. As I was looking through them, I felt the familiar sadness that always lingers when I come across things from the past. I missed the good times before the divorce. And that's okay. I'm glad I will always have good memories to look back on. But then the sadness subsided and was filled with an amazing warm feeling of happiness because I remembered that I have a new life now. I love my new life! We are happy!

Marshall and Courtney. I love it!

FYI: Don't ever rent or buy a home with this color of carpet. This is from an apartment we lived at. I got most of the stains out, but I was scrubbing.... a lot!!!!

This was after a swimming trip. They played hard!

She gave up trying to pull her pants up. She must have decided sleeping would be much more fun.

I found her in the bathroom one day sleeping like this. She didn't even put her pajamas back on after her bathroom break. She layed them over her like a blanket. I guess she was too tired to make to make it back to her bed. This photo always makes me laugh!
There is something about the car that puts this girl right to sleep. I'm guessing it's the boredom!

Courtney and Madison. This was right after they got their bunk beds. They now sleep together. They alternate from the top to the bottom. Courtney's is the bottom. It's a full size bed, so they tend to sleep on that more. Why they sleep together now, I do not know.
Sweet sisterly love!

Wanna see what I'm giving all the lovely Dad's for Father's Day? Click HERE to see. I'll be using the "A Corny Treat For One Sweet Pop" label. They have a link to print off the labels.
I'll be using their carmel corn recipe to put in the cans. Click HERE for the recipe.

I hope everyone has a joyful, eventful, relaxing, inspiring, amazing weekend!
Happy Father's Day to all you awesome Pops out there!

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