Thursday, June 16, 2011

Evening Walks

Exciting news: We are moving up in the world! We got netflix yesterday. We hooked the internet up to play through our Wii. We get tons of movies and tv series right on our tv. Buhbye redbox. This has nothing to do with my post, but the excitement is too much ;)

We are loving it here. We love the smaller town feel. Pretty soon it will be overgrown and the little town feel will subside. I am excited to get more neighbors and to have our church built down here. I guess the clubhouse will be coming in next year, not this year. I. can't. wait.

I am LOVING having the kids out of school! I hope summer is niiice and sloooow. I know it will fly though. I guess it's time to start saving money for the good ol' school clothes. 

We try to go on a walk together in the evenings. After we ate our yummy spaghetti dinner yesterday (compliments of Ben) we all sat on our front porch and watched the lightning storm. We saw not just one rainbow, but two rainbows. After the rain subsided, we went on our evening walk. Everything looked so clean and pure. Since we are on the outskirts of town, we get to see the beautiful scenery. It's amazing. We are truly blessed.
I took these photos posted below a few days ago. All of these photos were taken within a couple of blocks from our home.

It was Madison's idea for me to take pictures of her and her sister in the orchards on our way home. Marshall and Ben had to cut this walk short because Marshall had an ubrupt need to go to the bathroom.

I think somone had to go to the bathroom.

Mady always does cute little poses. I swear, she is going to be a model one day.

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