Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Road Closed"

Last Saturday we loaded the kids up in the car and headed out to enjoy mother nature. Utah is seriously one of the most beautiful places on earth. Not that I have seen everywhere on earth, but I just know this to be true because I'm just simply that smart {WiNk WiNk}. Our plan was to go around the loop, stop up there somewhere to let the kids play and enjoy a picnic together. We almost got to the top before we saw a "ROAD CLOSED" sign. There was snow blocking some of the road as well. Of course 2 of the kids were complaining that they had to use the bathroom. Not just number 1, but number 2. Not that I didn't just tell them to go to the bathroom before we left because there were few bathrooms up there. And, of course, none of them had to go to the bathroom even after I begged and pleaded with them to just try. They insisted that they didn't have to. Next time I will be making them sit on the toiled for a few minutes each just to make sure. We were able to go down the mountain a different way, so we were able to see some different scenery. Anyway, on our way down we had to make a stop for a potty break in good ol' mother nature. The bathroom break was sure a lot of fun with no toilets. Luckily I had just purchased some baby wipes at Walmart before we headed up the mountain. Those things are such a life saver. One of the kids had a hard time using the bathroom without a toilet. I won't say who it was, but they got it all over them. Literally. In their underwear, on their pants, in their shoe, on their sock. How? I do not know. It was delightful. I had an extra pair of their pants in the car. There are benefits to being a procrastinator. The pants were left in the car and I had forgotten to bring them in the house. Had it not been for my procrastinating ways, my poor child would have rode home with a towel wrapped around them. Too bad I forgot to buy some hand sani wipes.
We eventually made our way down and had our picnic at home. We enjoyed our evening walk together after giving one of the kids their second bath for the day.
Overlooking Utah County

Look at how much snow there is.

We have had so much water this year. The rivers and lakes are so full. The rivers are roaring this year.

When Courtney is in her carseat for more than 15 minutes, this is usally what happens. I don't know how this girl can sleep like this.

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