Sunday, January 27, 2013

Madison's show and tell

Fridays are show and tell time for Madison's class. Last Friday Madison decided that she wanted to bring her baby sister as her show and tell. So, when it was time for her show and tell, I brought the baby to her classroom for her. She had a blast showing Myriam to her classmates. Show and tell is right before school is dismissed. Once she was done, I took the kids home. The second we got out of her classroom Madison said, "That was the best show and tell ever! That was so much fun!" She kept going on and on about how that was the coolest thing under the sun. Her only wish was that her best friend Annika would have been back from Disneyland to see her show Myriam as her show and tell. Annika has been to our house and has seen Myriam, but having her see her at school was different for Madison.
I love that my kids have such a strong bond with one another. I have no doubt that their bond will remain strong throughout their lives. That makes me one happy momma.

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