Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our Traditions!

We are only 8 days into the new year, and I am already keeping up on my new years resolution of keeping my blog updated. I think this is post #3 this year. A big thumbs up to me ;) Anyway, on to the post.

I am a strong believer in the importance of traditions. I believe that it creates stronger bonds and stability- two of which are very important.

Here is a list of some of our traditions
*We sit down at the dinner table each night (that we are all together and able) for dinner. I believe it is important to have at least 1 meal a day together to sit and talk about each other's day.

*While at the dinner table each night, we ask each person what their happy and sad was for the day. Each person will say at least 1 thing that made them happy, and at least 1 thing that made them sad that day, and then we'll talk about it.

*When we squeeze each other's hand 3 times, that means I. LOVE. YOU. This comes in handy for the times when we are at places where we need to be reverent and quiet, or out and about in a noisy area.

*I write a birthday letter to each one of my children and husband for their birthday. The letter includes things about them, and also gives advice.

*On the morning of our birthdays, we wake up to doughnuts for breakfast. The girls get surprised in the morning with flowers, and their birthday dress hanging from the kitchen chair.

*On Christmas Eve, the kids open their Christmas pajamas, and we drive around town listening to Christmas music while looking at all the pretty Christmas lights adorning all the homes and yards. We then watch the movie "The King is Born", and discuss the movie and the true meaning of Christmas. This year, I started a couple new Christmas Eve traditions. I made some homemade polar express crock pot hot chocolate, and we sipped on it all day long. It was delicious! Also, I read the story of Jesus' birth from the scriptures before we watched the movie. I hope to carry on these new traditions.

*On Christmas day, we stay home all day long. We open gifts in the morning, followed by lots of playing games and watching movies. I always make a Christmas dinner. We sometimes invite other family over, sometimes not. I think I will make it a tradition to invite family over every year. We had a blast this year.

*A tradition I just started last year is making an elegant Valentine's Day dinner for my family and I. Last year I made our favorite meal. We drank bubbly pink passion punch with our meal (SO GOOD, thanks Pinterest ;) ), and ate homemade pink Oreo cookies for dessert.

Here are some of our new traditions that we have started this year
* Scripture study, and a healthier breakfast in the mornings. (find out more about scripture study HERE).
Our mornings have been a little rushed lately. I notice that when our mornings are rushed, we seem to have a crummier day. So, the kids and I are now waking up at around 6:30 to give us plenty of time to get ready for the day. Ben and I then make a healthy breakfast each morning. We are going through a smoothie faze right now. We are going to introduce the green (spinach) smoothies tomorrow. The healthier (and tastier), the better. Then, while we are all sitting down at the kitchen table enjoying our deliciousness, we read a chapter from the scriptures. That way the kids mouths are busy eating up their delicious breakfast, and there is less talking and more listening going on. After we are done reading, we ask each child to tell us something that they heard. We then proceed to explain, in a way that they will understand, what we just read. I am loving this new tradition!

*Mothers Day Letters. I will ask for a couple hours of alone time in my room every Mother's Day. I will take that time to write each one of my children a letter. I will express my love and gratitude for them, and then say whatever else comes to my mind at that time.

*Family Home Evening. If you're not familiar with what that is, find out more about it HERE :)
I have never been too good at hosting a weekly family home evening night. I have done it off and on, but I know how important it is, and I want to start making it a tradition. Hopefully my kids will carry this tradition on with their families.

*I will be putting a memory jar out on the counter. Throughout the year, we will write down memories that make us smile. In January of the following year, we will open and re-read all of the good stuff that made the year wonderful.

I love creating new memories! I would love to hear what some of your traditions are!


The 6 Steiners said...

You are such a fun Mom! :)

Jamie said...

You're so sweet! Thank you! :)

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