Friday, January 18, 2013

Our day

The adventures at our home never end. My children keep me on my toes. I love it!
I greet my pillows at night with open arms. 
I often stay up too late. It is a habit that needs breaking. 

Here is a flashback into our day: 

Myriam won't wear her headbands anymore. Every time I put one on her head, she yanks it down and puts it in her mouth. This photo I took of her today makes me laugh.
"Life is too short to waste time matching socks". Okay, so I am usually pretty good at having matching socks for us, but today was an exception. I didn't have time nor did I care to find matching socks. Right before we headed out the door for school, Mady pulled off her Dora sock and went to school only wearing her pink sock. Her Dora sock supposedly "hurt" her. She hates socks. It's an everyday battle that I've learned I cannot win. So, if she goes with one sock on, more power to her ;) Luckily she has warm snow boots to keep her feet warm. I cannot wait for sandal weather to come back around.
Marshall set this up today. He attached his Lego bat guy to a string that comes out of his Lego spider. He was quite impressed with himself. He was so excited to show me his set up. Marshall's obsession is Legos. He takes some of his Lego guys to school with him, and he and a his friends trade them. It is the highlight of their day.
Courtney loves to take swim baths. She asked if she could take one this evening. She was completely content for a whole 10 minutes in there ;)
After Courtney got out of her "swim bath", she grabbed my phone and took this photo of me with it. She must have been dancing around or something when she snapped this photo. She loves taking photos.

I recently came across this photo. It was taken at Marshall's baptism. It's a 4 generations photo of my grandma's hands, my mom's hand, my hand, and Mady's hand..... Look at the difference from my grandma's hand to my daughter's hand. In reality, it wasn't all that long ago that my grandma's hands were little like my daughters. Now they are old and worn. They are beautiful. Looking at older people's hands is humbling to me. I imagine all the things those hands have done throughout their life. I think about how many meals they have prepared for their family and other, how many tears they have wiped from faces, how many scraped up knees they have kissed, cleaned, and bandaged, how many dishes they have washed, how many weeds they have pulled, and the list goes on and on. My grandma is pushing 90. I told her a few months ago that I wasn't ready for her to leave us yet, and that she needs to stay here a bit longer. She softly replied by saying, 
"I'll see what I can do."

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