Monday, January 28, 2013

That's how we roll

Today when I picked Courtney up from tumbling, we saw a man using his snow blower. Courtney asked, "Why is someone mowing their lawn in the snow?"
I replied, "They're not mowing their lawn, they're mowing their snow."
As we were driving home Courtney said, "Can we please go to the dollar store? I really really want something that starts with a mmmm mmmm M!!"
I asked, "What can that possibly be? Play Money? Mangos?" (Okay, I totally know they don't sell mangos at the dollar store. My brain just got stumped at that moment).
Courtney responded, "Nooo, mmmmm mmmmmm GUM!" (Gum is Courtney's favorite.)
Mady was getting in her pajamas this evening and said, "It's fresh without a shirt on, so I'm not going to wear a shirt."
The other day when Mady first saw my haircut she said, "That is the prettiest hair I have ever seen! I just don't have the words!"
Marshall fiiiinally confided in me and told me who his crush is...... after me asking and asking and asking him for weeks prior. I promised to keep it a secret, so I can't spill the beans.
Myriam likes to go back and forth between Ben and I. She'll leap into my arms then turn to her dad and leap into his arms then repeat it over and over again, and giggles the whole time. She loves to give hugs and kisses. She gives kisses with her mouth wide open. She gave Mady a big kiss today. She loves when I sing to her. I still nurse her and plan to do so until she turns 1. She still sleeps in mine and Ben's bed snuggled up to me.
After the kids homework was done for the day we had fun playing. Ben would trap the kids in between his legs and arms all the while they're trying to catch their breath from laughing so hard and then wiggling to get free. One time Ben trapped the baby so of course the other kids had to jump in to help free the baby. Little did they know, Ben was using the baby to get the others close enough to trap them. One time when Ben had Marshall trapped, Mady and I jumped in and tickled Ben to try to free Marshall. It worked..... well sort of. We love to play. It will be sad when my kids are older and think that playing is lame.
I'm doing my best to get some organizing done around the house, and let me tell you, it feels oh so good! I'll post later on my organization methods that are helping mine and my family's lives run more smoothly.
Here is a photo of Ben trapping Mady and Mady pulling her silly nose flairing face.

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