Monday, January 14, 2013

Past due pregnancy/baby pictures, and a heartfelt moment at Barnes & Noble

I came across some pregnancy and freshly born baby pictures of Myriam. Seeing them flooded my mind with the memories of that time in my life. I could even smell the fresh clean scent of the labor & delivery and mother/baby rooms as I reflected back on that time in my life. It wasn't that long ago.
Our little baby is now 9 1/2 months old. She has officially been out longer than she was in. Time has flown. Life has been busy, and it has been a challenge learning how to balance life with 4 children. My blog is evidence of that. In 2011 I wrote 77 blog posts. In 2012 I wrote 22 blog posts. As time passes, and I learn to juggle my time better, I hope to blog more.
I am happy and content with my busy little life right now. Life is good.

These pictures aren't very flattering of me, but it is an account of my history, so I am glad to publish them.
These pictures were taken the day before Myriam was born:

We had to have a silly face pose


The following pictures are on the day Myriam was born:
 The first picture captured of our precious baby girl

 Holding daddy's hand for the first time

 In mommy's arms for the first time

 Out of ICU, all cleaned up, and in mommy's arms again

My sister and I had babies 2 1/2 months apart. We took pictures of us moms and the dads with our babies.


Today while we were at Barnes and Noble, I read a book to Courtney. The book is called "Love you forever" written by Robert Munsch. I bought the same book as a Christmas present for Courtney when she was 1.
As I read it to her, I started crying. There I was, in the middle of Barnes and Noble with tears streaming down my face while I choked out the words, all the while my 4 year old was looking at me like I'm some sort of mad woman.
Read the book. You'll understand why. They have a video of the book on youtube. 
Love it!
The purpose of this story is that time really does fly by all too quickly. Sometimes I forget to stop and enjoy the simple things. Sometimes I rush right through it. It's simple and sweet moments like these that awaken me, and give me sweet reminders to cherish every moment.  

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Ashley said...

awww!! It's those precious moments you will treasure and remember forever!! I haven't read that book, but just reading this post gave me chills so i know it must be a good one!! :)

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