Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Laid back kind of day

Today while Courtney was holding Myriam, Myriam thought it would be fun to pinch Courtney's cheeks and pull her hair. Courtney thought it was funny. So did I.
The XLG shirt Myriam is wearing is compliments of Mady redressing her when she got home from school.

 Tonight Ben and I made Cheesy Chili Mac for dinner.
It was delicious.
Ben and I are doing weight watchers. Contrary to many people's belief, you can still eat well and lose weight too.
I have lost just over 3 pounds in 1 week just from changing my diet. I hope to see the pounds continue to fall off. I have gained so much weight over the past few years. It's time to get back down to my healthy weight. 

 While Ben and I were busy cooking dinner, Mady and Courtney were in the kitchen with us at the dinner table doing little crafts. After drawing many pictures, Mady decided to make her own dinner. We were all snacking on baby carrots while Ben and I cooked dinner, so she grabbed a few carrots and cut them up with a butter knife. She got a couple noodles as well. She tried to put a big handful of pickles on her plate too. That didn't happen. I'm certain she would have eaten every last pickle that her tiny hands could carry. Mady LOVES pickles. She definitely takes after her momma in that area. I used to be so obsessed with pickles when I was younger that I would drink the pickle juice when they were gone.

Tonight for dinner, Myriam took a chocolate milk bath. She got it everywhere. She got it all over herself and her highchair. Courtney was sitting next to her, and Myriam got it on Courtney's seat too. Courtney didn't mind. In fact, I don't think she even noticed. After dinner, Ben whisked Myriam upstairs to give her a bath while I bathed Mady and Courtney.
We finished the night with watching Splash on ABC. It is so funny watching Mady and Courtney get into reality television shows.
Marshall has made a new best friend. He was over at his house celebrating his birthday with him. I am so glad that Marshall has found such a good friend. We missed him this evening, but I'm so excited to see him coming out of his shell with other people. I can't believe I have a 9 year old. He is growing up way too fast, and I don't like it. He shouldn't be growing up so fast. I remember rocking him and singing him to sleep at night when he was just a little baby. I was still a teenager at that time. I was a baby myself. I remember every morning when we would wake up, I would take him to the biggest window in our house, and while we looked outside I would gently sing to him, "Good morning beautiful, how was your night? Mine was wonderful with you by my side and I opened my eyes to see your sweet face. It's a good morning beautiful day."
Time really does fly.
Today was a laid back, fun day.
I cherish and enjoy these kind of days the most.

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