Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

We hope everyone had a blessed Easter and remembered to celebrate the true meaning of Easter!
We had a wonderful Easter, especially when Mady and Courtney got home that evening.

Thursday evening after Myriam's birthday party, the kids had fun painting Easter eggs. Well, except for Myriam. It had been a long day for her. She was tired, and ready for bed.

See what I mean. Grumpy baby. But still so cute.

Madison's eggs

Courtney's eggs

Marshall's eggs

Myriam's egg
The few that are missing were our dinner for the night.

The Easter Bunny made it to our house

He hid the eggs in some funny places.

Marshall found jelly beans in our toilet and this "oops! I forgot to flush!" note on the lid of our toilet. 
Silly Easter Bunny.

Marshall finding some eggs.
I love this photo of Marshall on Easter morning with Christ's picture behind him.
I am SO thankful that Christ died for us, and that He IS Risen so that we, too, can be risen again and have the opportunity to live eternally with our Father and Mother in Heaven.

Myriam was SO excited on Easter morning.
Honestly, she slept on her daddy's shoulder most of the morning, and had no clue that Easter morning was different than any other morning.

Myriam was sitting in front of Marshall and she moved over so their backs were touching.
It was so cute.

Marshall just loving on the baby.

Myriam hates wearing shoes, so she took her Easter shoes off and decided to put an Easter egg in it instead.

Marshall and Myriam right before we left for church.

Marshall is loving his new rollerblades.
The girls are too loving theirs too.

Ben helping Mady get the hang of her new skates.

Courtney's elbow pads are too big. Bummer.
Looks like we'll be buying some new ones that actually fit.

At the end of the night, Courtney BEGGED me to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let her take some pictures with my camera. So, I let her. 
She took this photo of me.
This is how I felt by the end of the week. Last week was so super busy but oh so fun. We had a lot going on every single day, and a lot of preparations that needed to be made. Lets just say that I was going off of very little sleep each day. 
I am definitely enjoying this week. My kids are out of school for Spring break. We get to sleep in and then enjoy our days together. It is SO nice! Summer break, please get here FAST! :)

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