Monday, April 29, 2013

Grow hair, grow!

Would somebody please have a talk with my little girl and tell her hair to grow grow grow!? ;)
Myr is a baldy with a Mohawk and a few cute lil curls in the back......... Ok, so she has a liiiittle more hair than that, but I'm using the word little very lightly here.
My other children were all born with more hair than she has now. It is quite funny.
She makes bald(ish) look good.
Sorry Brittney Spears, my baby wears it best. (Remember when Brit shaved her head? Yowza!)

Bald(ish) or not, my baby still rocks my world.

PS. I love her hair just the way it is.


Ashley said...

awww!!! She's cute no matter how much or little hair she has!! :D
have you ever played the game "Sorry Revenge" (I think that is the name..) Anyway... There is a BIG RED pawn and you hit (tap) to play... Well sometimes it says "BALD IS BEAUTIFUL" and I love when it does, .. because it kind of takes me back to my baby days, and it's funny to hear too.. as the fact that I was a baldy!! :D you wouldn't be able to tell now because I have a head of THICK hair!!

Jamie said...

YES, there is hope for her hair!
I can't believe you were a baldy, that is crazy. You have SO.MUCH.HAIR now. It is beautiful.
I have never played that game, I'll have to give it a try.

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