Monday, April 22, 2013

The old, used up, broken down car

I previously wrote the following on my Facebook page:

Some of you may not know this, but I have been married before. No one truly understands the pain of a divorce until they have experienced it themselves. My son is from my first husband, my middle children are from my second husband, and my baby is from the man I am married to now. Many people frown upon and judge people like me. They warn people to stay away from people like me. But that's okay. I have to remind myself that the ones who judge me just don't understand, and they don't need to understand. I'm the one who has lived through it, and I'm the one who has overcome so much pain. I'm still here. I'm still breathing. I'm still pressing on even though at so many times I felt like giving up. I am strong. My experiences have taught me a lot. Anyway, I was having a weak moment, and I told my husband that I feel like an old, used up, broken down car, and that he is like a viper. His reply to that was, "the old, used up, broken down cars are the ones with the best stories". ♥!

I got such a huge response. There was one person in particular that said this couldn't have come at a better time for them. This person is struggling with going through a divorce. She said that it was inspiring to her.
My husband knew that trying to convince me that I'm not an old, used up, broken down car at that time was a useless battle. He knew how I felt. He tried to turn my thinking into a positive thought. For that I am thankful. Had he spend all day trying to convince me that I'm not broken down would have been a waste. Because, at that moment, I felt broken.
The reason for me posting this is in hopes of helping more people.
For the ones out there suffering with the sting of divorce, I understand.
It gets better. Hold on. Don't give up. The wrath of the waters will calm, and when the waves slow down, you will be able to see the elegance and beauty in life once again.
I, for one, went into a deep depression throughout my last divorce. It was hard. Those were dark dark days. I remember feeling the darkness around me. The scary thing is that it didn't bother me. I felt no emotion at that time other than the bottomless pit that I felt I was in.
Life gets better. We all have trials. You can overcome yours, too. As you can see, I am still working on mine too.

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